An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


42. Plans for Us.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


It’s been 2 weeks since (the thing) with Zayn, I’ve been very low profile and calmed around the apartment, Harry has asked a couple of times, what is that, that I have, that got me so ‘’quite’’ I just told him I missed my family which was also true. I’ve been calling aunt Nina to visit her, incredible how i have almost 3 weeks in London and I haven’t go visit her yet, the thing is each time I’m planning to go, she goes out, or she gets something at work, she’s in some work trip with her coworkers in Las Vegas, as soon as she arrives tomorrow, we’ll meet, I can’t wait, I miss her so much, and I feel like sharing everything to her, maybe not the Zayn little part, I don’t want any argument or some kind of you know, mother-speech, I want to deal with this my own way, even though it’s not the best one out there. I saw Zayn 2 in these 2 weeks, Harry and I had lunch with the boys once and the other was that we were at Niall’s place, they were all talking about the new single ‘’Live while we’re young’’, which was pretty amazing, and I just sat there enjoying the conversation and hearing the song. Zayn acted normal around the guys but i knew he was sad, I treated him like I always did I really didn’t want to make a big deal of what happened between us, it was just a kiss that got in the way. The thoughts of his presence, and his smell, founding myself missing him these days were very surprising.



Harry’s P.O.V:


I bet she thinks I don’t know there’s something bothering her, I know there’s gotta be something in the way. There she is, sitting in the black single leather couch, it’s raining, she’s staring out of the window, expressionless, if could only know what’s on her mind, if could be able to know what’s she feeling, this is not her, she has been a little off lately, not that expressive, she’s not talking that much, and when you love someone you just know if they’re not okay, I’ve tried to ask her a couple of times, all she says is she misses her family, which I know it’s true, but I’m sure that’s not all, and she wouldn’t be like this just because of that. I’m thinking in a way of change that state she’s in, something she wouldn’t expect, I want to make her as happy as she can be, something that would complete her, and make her forget everything that might be disturbing her. And I have an amazing idea.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


Harry woke me up in the sweetest of the ways, the smell of fresh orange juice and some pancakes were filling our bedroom, a kiss in my lips and a little stroke in my hair was enough for me to wake up, opening my eyes slowly and having the amazing view of his face, I just wanted to cherish that specific moment, I wasn’t being thankful enough for him, I’ve been a total moron, He’s been trying hard to impress me, you could tell, I felt terrible, gosh I was completely tired of feeling that way and letting him down, Harry’s way more than you think, he’s smart enough to know if you’re sad even if you try your heart out to hide it, he will move skies and oceans to make you happy, Styles is the sweetest person on earth if you win his heart, that’s why I love him, I do love him, and kills me being this mess to him.


‘’Morning princess, missed those eyes during night’’- he said with a very low – yet lovely voice, I smiled nicely at him and kissed his lips.

‘’I got you breakfast beautiful’’ – he said handing me the tray with the pancakes and the glass of juice, ‘’thank you babe, you are the sweetest’’ – I replied grabbing his hand gently, ‘’I have a great day planned for us today’’ – he quickly added excitedly, ‘’Like what?’’- I asked whilst having my mouth full of food, ‘’we’ll have an special lunch at Nina’s’’ he said with such an adorable look he seemed to be preparing something out you could tell by his face, ‘’at aunt Nina’s place?, that sounds great babe’’ – ‘’Yeah, we’ll have fun’’ – he kissed my cheek and basically ordered me to hurry up and get ready. I finished the tiny piece of breakfast very fast, got in the shower, washed my hair.


I was drying my soaking wet hair with a clean white towel, I was walking out of the bathroom when I saw a huge silver shopping bag with some white tissue paper coming out of it, in my side of the bed, it had a little note  **Princesses deserves to be treated like princesses, I love you** ‘’Aww..’’-  I found myself saying out loud, I opened the huge hard silver paper bag, ‘’Oh la la’’  there was a gorgeous cocktail white mini dress with some Louboutin’s nude pumps, he got a whole outfit together I was literally amazed by his fashion girl sense of style, I mean it was like he brought to life a thought of mine or something.


I sat in a makeup table that we made and started decorating my face with it, bronze cheeks, coral lips, wavy hair, and medium length lashes. Some of my favorite perfume on and I was ready to go.

I went to my closet trying to figure out which clutch would match my beautiful outfit, after some 10 minutes of swimming in Harry’s mess I found a metallic gold one which went amazing with my necklace, I was getting out of the walk-in closet when I felt a presence in the room staring at me, ‘’Gosh babeee!!, Don’t do that to me’’ – I said suffocated, ‘’Do what, oh my God you look gorgeous!!’’ – he stuttered, ‘’Thank you sweetheart, I loved everything so so so much’’- I answer back giving him a huge tight hug.

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