An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


9. OH. MY, GOD.


‘’Good morning sweetie’’ – I heard the voice of my aunt nina waking me up.


‘’i got a call from work, I have a meeting right now, I’m so sorry I can have breakfast with you ladybug’’ – she sounded sad.


‘’Don’t worry auntie nina, I’ll have lunch with my best friend in a couple of hours, I won’t be alone’’ – I said while yawning

‘’Oh, your best friend? Is Amber here?’’ – she asked being very curious


I laughed, ‘’Noo, my boy best friend, his name is harry’’


‘’Umhmm, well as long as you have fun all fine’’ – she smiled at me, saying goodbye


I sat in the bed reached my phone I wanted to know what the time was, it was 11:30am already I did sleep a lot didn’t i?, went to the bathroom had an amazing warm shower and texted harry the address. 5 minutes later he replied ‘’I’ll be there in 45minutes little M’’.


‘’Oh lord 45 minutes!!’’ – I better hurry, I opened up my closet, I was pretty sure of what I wanted to wear I took my coral tight skinny jeans, a very loose and cute top with a white tight jacket. I sat in a medium stool so I could put my makeup on, very natural and pink lips and for the hair I wasn’t really into making much with it so I just let it as it was.. Straight.


I was ready and watching TV in the huge living room waiting for harry to pick me up. Only saying that out loud was like surreal. Harry Styles from One direction picking ME up in LONDON to have lunch ‘’hahahaha’’ I was insanely laughing by myself.



A Sound, interrupted my laugh, it was the ring bell.

‘’I’m coming’’ – I said out loud. I quickly got up from the puff I was laying on and went directly to the front door. When I opened it, my eyes were staring at the most beautiful face I have ever seen, his skin, his epic green eyes, his smile, and of course his curls, I was standing in front of him and I felt so freaking awkward.

I jumped and hug him so hard feeling my body that close to his, and feeling his, skin, and his chest that near made me feel warm inside.

‘’Little Styleeeess!!!’’ – I said very excited.


Harry’s  P.O.V:


I was nervous; I shook my head and went to pick her up. When I got there, I was impressed it was a very nice neighborhood, and it was an amazing building. When I took the elevator and went directly to the last floor of the building I felt like butterflies were making circles in my stomach.  I knocked the door twice I heard her say ‘’I’m coming’’ and I smiled, I fix my hair a bit before she opened the door, trying to make a good first impression.


She opened the door and I did nothing but smile, ‘’Oh my god’’ I said to myself she was stunning, yeah, I know I’ve seen her in pictures even in video calls but seeing the color of her skin, that natural tan, that dark brown long straight hair, her amazing legs and perfect butt.  I couldn’t say a  word she’s gorgeous, not pretty, not beautiful, she was truly gorgeous.



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