An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


65. Minutes Before.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


Zayn has been calling me lately, he has been very into my health and if I need anything, if I know anything, if I feel something odd in my body, he’s been truly supportive, to be honest I wasn’t expecting that attention or behavior of him, ’cause after all we don’t know whose the father, he probably isn’t, but he’s there, I feel his help, his presence in this situation.


Harry has been into the wedding a lot, too much actually; he’s been very into the invitations, the guests, the security, all the ‘’hard work’’ as he quotes.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I was getting out of the bathroom when I saw her phone buzzing, she was out of the room so I rushed to pick it up, it was a text message, it was from Zayn which called my attention..


** Hey there, how are you today? Remember that I’m here if you need anything, you just have to let me know.


Z. **


I was a little confused, why would she need anything? Was he talking about the wedding? And if she needed something, why would she tell Zayn? Does he knows something I don’t?, I probably was being a little paranoid but you got to understand me, they had some kind of ‘’past’’ together, so It’s not I don’t trust her but there’s obviously something I do not know. I didn’t want to make her a scene or anything related so I just stood there, calmly, put back the phone where it was before, and kept on doing my own stuff. I let that go, and pretended it wasn’t important, our relationship was the most transparent, honest, and perfect one till’ the moment, so I didn’t want to ruin that because of my manly jealousy.


I was focusing on finished deliver the invitations to the rest of the guests, soften up my mom which still was a little dry and distant of Mandy which really upsets me, cause they are like my everything, they have to be okay with each other, even though my mom has to understand that, that woman will be my wife, my one, my only, someday the mother of my child and I’m really sorry she can’t completely forgive her for what had happened.


Zayn’s P.O.V:


I’ve been finding myself very into her stuff, very into her well-being lately, I can swear I’m the father of that baby, I’m the one, I feel it, I don’t know if it’s the urge I have to have something as close as that, that makes me be part of her life forever in some way. It may sound selfish, I should be wishing Harry was the father, it will be just perfect for them, it will be just perfect for… Her.


In the other hand there’s the wedding, which of course it’s tomorrow, my stomach feels sick each time I think of that, my heart feels sad, each time I think of the fact that she will be there, in a beautiful dress, probably looking like a princess, hiding something from everybody, hiding something in her belly that’s making her sad inside, kills me to know she just want everything to be perfect or as close to that as possible, but she has to hide something from the person she loves the most, and I’m part of that.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


There I was with aunt nina fixing my makeup, styling my hair, it was a whole rush and mess but I was actually enjoying it, my mom was with me, incredible how the day was already there, my dad was with Harry and the rest of the boys preparing themselves to the big moment, our big moment, I won’t lie, I was nervous, my heart was about to get out of my mouth, I didn’t feel butterflies, I was feeling a whole zoo in there. You could see my mom, in her amazing gown, almost crying, staring at me getting ready; it was pretty emotional back there. Sammy and Elena surprised me again, this time it was Harry that bought them the tickets and everything so they could spend this amazing day with us. They all looked amazing, gorgeous, I had everyone I love in there.


Cece helped me get in the dress which was thank God ready on time, my mom was taking pictures all over the place, Sammy and Elena were recording the moment, aunt Nina was retouching my eye-shadow, and minutes later we were ready to go, I took some seconds to stare myself at the long wide mirror, I couldn’t believe my eyes I wanted to stop the time right there, and cherish and treasure that specific moment forever, I was about to get married, with the prince I’ve always wanted, the love of my life, my dream come true, my best friend, my love, my all. Looking at my reflection, felt so surreal the hair, the makeup, the flawless dress, I felt so good in my own skin, It was really happening, everything was really happening, and just to even think about the fact that a whole world of girls would kill to be in my place right now, was in some way really flattering, they say everything happens for a reason, and it can’t be more true than that, we’re meant to be together, and that’s a fact, I can’t thank life enough for giving me so much, giving me so much more than I feel I deserve.



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