An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


3. Maybe i..


I’m bored, sick and tired of this never ending argument of relationship I have with mike, I love him so much, but can somebody be able to handle that much? And hold on that much? *sigh* 


I was begging deep down for something new, and exciting out of the ordinary.  It’s been a couple of days now that I haven’t speak to Harry again, it’s weird how I miss having a conversation with him.


He’s been pretty busy lately I said to calm myself down a bit.

Drove back home and took the laptop wanting to se his face so bad, talking to him and listening to his amazing voice was all I needed after all this drama with mike. I was feeling Harry as a very open friend to me.


I got online and surprisingly to me the first person to talk to me was HIM.  ‘’yaaay’’ I said smiling like a kid.

‘’Mandy!! How are you? It’s crazy to say this but I was kinda missing your face’’ – he said to me

while melting a bit I said ‘’I know that feeling for sure, I’ve been wanting to talk to you for daays’’

‘’Really?’’ – he seemed to be surprised by my answer

‘’yeah’’ I blushed ‘’I’ve been needing someone to talk to for a while now and I thought the best person I could chose for that was you’’ –I couldn’t believe I was being so direct to him, but I was loving it.

‘’well,  here I am love’’ I flew each time he said ‘’love’’ to me it was something unique in the way he say it.


After  we gave each other our telephone numbers and talked about all my problems with mike  and saw him dancing on Maroon 5 ‘’moves like jagger’’ he said he had to go to rehears with the boys, ‘’Lou can’t wait to meet you’’ – He said randomly  ‘’oh please tell him I send him a huge hug’’ -  I replied.  He said bye to me and logged off.


I was truly enjoying my epic friendship with harry, it was definitely one of a kind experience, I knew who he was for a lot of girls out there it was so amazing to have the chance to share my thoughts and simply certain stuff of my life, the great thing about all that it’s that he seems to care.


Harry’s P.O.V.


I said bye to Mandy, and unfortunately I had to go. Luckily I got her number. It’s pretty weird how everything it’s been happening between us, she’s been a very good friend to me so far, but there’s something about her, I don’t know exactly what is THAT she has that makes me think about her all the time. She just knows how to keep me entertained how to listen to me, she even enjoys  see me dancing through video calls,  can’t believe she’s with that ‘’mike’’ guy she deserves better.  If I could only spend half of a day with her, if  I could only touch her hand or stare deep through her eyes, I don’t know.. just feel her, I just want to feel her.  * sigh *


‘’What’s going on mate? Why that face?’’ – Louis ask me

‘’it’s just this girl I talked to you about, mandy.. she’s been such a sweetheart with me, I feel like.. getting closer to her, but I don’t know how.’’ – I was pretty down I may say, I hate how when I start caring about someone every single detail takes me hard.

‘’ why don’t you give you guys some time? Harry you need to put your feet on the ground, you can keep falling for everyone just because they’re nice to you, if she’s really worth it, then give her all you’ve got’’ –  I was very surprised by the answer Louis gave me, I didn’t tell him that I like mandy or that I’m in love with her.. maybe i.. I don’t know..


To: Mandy

Heyya i wanted to let you know you are beautiful, so have a beautiful day. xx  Harry.



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