An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


6. Let Go of Me




I called my aunt Nina just to tell her how excited I was, and that I already knew the news, ‘’Can’t wait for you to come ladybug’’ – she said while laughing  ‘’oh believe me, me neither’’ – I replied.


It’s been some weeks since the last day I talk to Harry, I was so sad about that, that I haven’t even told him all this mess with mike and what was going on with my life. I saw some texts he wrote to me a couple of days ago but I was so drowned in my sadness and unhappiness that I didn’t even answer.


I took my phone and called him, it only took some seconds for him to answer.


‘’Thank GOD you’re alive!!!’’ – he screamed

‘’little stylesss!!!’’ – I said out loud ‘’I’ve been missing you soo much, I need to catch up with you’’ – I keep on talking excitedly

‘’Yes we have to little M’’ – he said to me adorably

‘’I’m going on vacations in 2 days, I’m going to London’’ – i smiled at the phone.

‘’TO WHERE? ARE YOU SERIOUS?’’ – he sounded very excited about that, but why?

‘’Yea…yeah, I am, I’m going to England in 2 days, why?.’’ – I said very convincing.

  ‘’What you mean with WHY little M, I LIVE in London REMEMBER??’’ – he sounded so happy while laughing

‘’OH MY GOD!!!!’’  - That’s all I said. How could I forgot that my BEST friend lived in London, seriously? What was wrong with me?. All this mike thing has taken all of me, I need this trip more than ever.

‘’I’ll call you as soon as I get there sweetie’’ – I told harry.

‘’AWESOME, can’t wait to see you little M.’’ –I was loving his excitement.

‘’Talk to you later big boy’’ – I said while ending the call.



This will be interesting..


Harry’s P.O.V:


How cool was that? I’m finally going to meet my best friend in person, haha that even sound crazy. I was incredibly excited that called so much my attention, I was already thinking about all the things we could do together here. Places I could take her, restaurants we could go and simply talk and catch up. She’d be able to go around the beautiful London while winter. I couldn’t wait for her to come.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


‘’Mom, I’m going to the mall, I need to buy some things for the trip’’ – I said out loud. ‘’kay hun, come back soon, you’re flight is early in the morning, you need to sleep’’ – she answered back at me.


Took the car keys, put my sun glasses on and went out straight to the mall, I wanted to get some new coats and long sleeve tops, Aunt Nina told me to be prepare, apparently winter in London was pretty cold.


Walking in the halls I could see from outside an amazing teal blue dress I just fell in love with it, i went inside the store, took it, I even put the dress on and was there when my addiction to this flawless dress grew, ‘’I GOTTA TAKE THIS HOME WITH ME’’ – I whispered I fit me perfectly It had a huge cleavage in the back, it was gently tight and made my breast look amazing.


Went directly to the cashier, having no idea why would I take a dress to London. When will I have the opportunity to wear that beautifulness?, I should have been buying socks, and jackets. ‘’Bleeh’’ – I said to myself and bought the amazing piece anyway.


In the jewelry zone of the store, I saw a very familiar face, ‘’Kill me here’’ – I mumbled.  It was Mike, he was asking the store lady to get him the most beautiful ring she could find in their storage. ‘’What a jerkkk!!!!!!’’ – I repeated myself over and over and over. He already had a girlfriend.  All of a sudden he turned around and saw me, his eyes were definitely surprised to see me, he knew I heard all he said, and acted very awkward after our eyes met. I rolled my eyes and walked out of the store. I felt how a strong hand grabbed my left arm making me turn around abruptly.


‘’Amanda, are you okay?’’ – that was all he asked.

‘’Let, go of me’’ – I said very seriously.

He loosed my arm gently. ‘’I’ve never been better’’ – I answered lying of course, and went away.


I know he was staring at me even though I never looked back at him.



After that unpleasant encounter, I was done with my shopping. So I went back home.





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