An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


29. Kisses & Flashbacks



I was seasoning some of the meats, cutting some chicken breasts, and preparing some Caesar salad, the girls arrived early so they were helping me too, we were having a good time actually, Elena and Sammy were my closest friends here in US, so I never felt out of place. Sean was preparing some drinks for the boys and making jokes as usual.


Sammy and Elena went out of the kitchen, to sit in the beautiful backyard, where the BBQ was. All of a sudden I feel some masculine strong hands, grabbing my waits from behind my back, It surprised me so I turned around quickly, it was Sean. ‘’What are you doing?’’ – I mumbled glancing at the backyard in case the girls or the other boys were watching.

‘’Doing what I feel is right’’ – he whispered back at me.

‘’Oh.. where do you get that from?’’ – I kept on whispering.

‘’My conscience told me’’ – he replied.

‘’Did you steal Pinocchio’s jiminy cricket or something? What are you talking about?’’

‘’Very funny!!! I just like you so much Amanda!!’’ – he said intensely

‘’I see..’’ was all I could say to him, but before I could respond anything else, I felt how his lips were glued to mine like it was some sticker, he grabbed me tighter and held my body close to his. ‘’STOP IT!!’’ – I almost yelled, he kept his mouth shut, I rolled my eyes at him,  ‘’Maybe it’s time for me to go home’’ – I said while cleaning my hands with a kitchen towel. ‘’Goodnight Girls, talk to you later, got to go, bye guys’’ – I said out loud, and headed to my car, ‘’Mandy wait!!, wait!!’’ – Sean yelled while following me outside his home. ‘’What now?’’ – I asked him coldly, ‘‘don’t leave, I didn’t mean to make you upset’’ – he said, ‘’Wrong timing buddy’’ – I replied while getting inside my car.

‘’Guess it was a short night..’’- I said to myself, turning on the engine.


I got home, took off my shorts and white chiffon top, I folded it, and put my pjs on. I made some noodles, thanks to Sean my night ended early  so I haven’t had any dinner till’ that moment. I pour the it in a colorful bowl and went to my couch to watch some movies.


I definitely fell asleep pretty hard ‘cause it was 10:30am already, my phone’s ringtone woke me up, it was Sammy;

‘’Hello’’ – I said with husky morning voice.

‘’Morning Sleeping beauty, are you okay after last night’s drama’’ –she asked, I wonder how much of last’s night she knows.

‘’What? Yeah I’m fine, what are you talking about?’’ – I asked

‘’Oh please, we all know he tried to kiss you’’ – she giggled

‘’Greaaat, well, what can I say about that?, he was a jerk!’’ – I answered.

‘’Yeah, he was, but anyway, what do you think if we go shopping today and forget about all that?’’- she suggested.

‘’Sounds like happening my friend.’’ – I replied.

‘’Great, I’ll text you where’’



I got off the couch, took last nights noodles empty bowl and put it in the kitchen, went straight to my bathroom looked myself at the mirror I sighed out loud and said. ‘’Wish you could be with me right now’’, suddenly I remembered when I accidentally was singing myself out last night in the car, I was living that moment all over again and repeated the lyrics.. ‘’ Find out what went wrong without blaming each other’’ –‘’Oh god, that song it’s soo US’’ – I said to myself, I put my elbows over the sink counter and I submerged my face in my hands, ‘’What happened to us?’’ – I repeated out loud.


I got in the tub, I opened the shower and I felt how the warm water was sliding all over my body, I closed my eyes and suddenly moments of Harry and me were on play in my mind, it was like if I could feel his skin, his odor, if I could feel him close to me again. I opened my eyes so I could grab my body gel, I squeezed it in my hands and rubbed it softly in my skin, 10 minutes later I was grabbing my towel wrapping it around my body and going to my room to put my undies on and some clean clothes to go out.


I still had some clothes in suitcases and certain stuff in boxes, I didn’t actually made enough time to put everything in place. I opened the first drawer of my night stand, where I had all my underwear, I was looking for an specific one so I was swimming in there, till I felt a hard thing with my hands I took off some of the undies that were blocking my way, I opened the box I found and my eyes got watery.


I took it, I looked at it and put it on, I felt the same joy I had, when he with his hand put the chain on me, I stroke the half heart and kissed it. 


I dressed quickly after that and went to Mrs. Parker Bakery to have breakfast there.


‘’Good Morning Lovely Mandy’’ – she said to me with a warm smile as always.

‘’Good Morning Mrs. Parker, how are you today?’’ – I asked her nicely.

‘’I was good, but I’m great now with your visit.’’ – she was so sweet.

‘’Aww, you’re so adorable!!’’ –I replied.

‘’You don’t seem to be happy my dear what’s wrong?’’ – she was a very wise person.

‘’it’s.. It’s nothing Mrs. Parker.’’ – I said with my face down.

‘’You’re not going to fool me young lady, Grannie Parker knows when someone is sad, or when a beautiful girl like you is missing somebody’’ – she said while winking at me.

I smiled and said: ‘’Guess I can’t lie to you Mrs. Parker’’ – I felt like she was my American grandma.

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