An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


34. ''I'll make it up to you''





I couldn’t believe the fact that we were touching ourselves, kissing each other, feeling every little piece of our bodies again, I was in a deep need of her, of her taste, her scent, the way she close her eyes when I’m doing something she likes, drives me insane. I was on bliss feeling how I was slowly going inside of her, felt like nothing could go wrong.


We stood under the cold water in the shower for about an hour, just enjoying US.


She suddenly sat in the tub and asked me to do the same, I did and we simply smiled at each other, forgetting all the things that went wrong in the past, forgetting the fact that we were separated, forgetting the pain, forgetting the hurt.


‘’I love you’’ – I whispered in her ear. She closed her eyes like living those 3 words i told her, she didn’t answer, she just hugged me tight. Our naked soaking wet bodies were glued to each other, I could feel her heartbeat. Everything was just perfect.


‘’Ouch’’ – she said. 

‘’What happened?’’

‘’I hurt my forehead, my stiches’’ – she told me whilst touching carefully the wound in her head.

‘’Oh baby, let me help you to get out.’’-


I helped her to get out of the shower, she took her towel, turned around to face me and said: ‘’I wouldn’t change a thing’’



Mandy’s P.O.V:


He showed me the most beautiful, naïve smile ever, and I meant it, I wouldn’t change a thing. I didn’t care about the accident anymore, all I could think about was about him, and how happy I was with him right next to me, it was truly a gift of life having him back.


But I was scared, I didn’t know what was on his mind, what was he planning on doing? , did he found another girl? Is he cheating? When will he leave?, I tried to shake my head and let thing flow, mean while I  was soaring.


I went to my room, and took some clothes and put them on some shorts, and a cropped top. When he got out of the bathroom with a white towel around his waist I couldn’t help it, I just laugh.


‘’What? Am I too attractive you can’t control yourself?’’ – he said while winking at me.

‘’Oh sureee, I just can’t resist you’’ – I replied walking on his direction.


He took my hands, stepped very close to me and said: ‘’I’m sorry I never, called you, I’m sorry I never texted you back, I’m sorry I didn’t do all the things you expected me to’’


I faced the floor for a couple of seconds, I felt how tears were knocking the door of my eyes, I tried to kept them inside but all those feelings were a mess.


‘’It doesn’t matter anymore’’ – I told him with a little sob.

‘’No love, please don’t cry, after all I put you through the least thing I’d want to do is seeing you cry’’

‘’I’m sorry, it’s’s been hard, missing you alone.’’

‘’M.. I promise to make it up to you, I promise I’ll show you how sorry I am, I’ll treat you like the princess you are, I don’t want to loose you again, I won’t, I just can’t.’’


I couldn’t put myself together I was crying like the girl I was, he hugged me trying to comfort me.


‘’I’m scared, you don’t know how much I need you, you have no idea how much you mean to me, I don’t want to live without you, if only you could understand that’’ –I whispered.


‘’Just give me the chance’’


**it’s been 2 weeks since the accident happened, 2 weeks of having him all the time with me, sleeping together, having dirty showers together, waking up by his side, making jokes, taking pictures,  just like it used to be. We have plans on going to London soon Aunt Nina, Harry just told me that, so you don’t know how excited I am. The band is on vacations, their manager thought they deserved some time to live and you know a break of the amusing life they have, which I totally agree, he give me a rose everyday, like every single day, he’s even learning to cook haha, he says he’s making up to me all the wasted time we had, I’m so happy aunt Nina, you were right when you said that Everything was going to be okay, I’ll write you in a couple of days, love you.




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