An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


56. ''I Would''


Mandy’s P.O.V:


‘’I love you too’’ – I whispered, he gently took my hands and said, ‘’I know, this might surprise you, but there’s something we left undone..’’ – he stood up, and walked where I was sitting, he knelt and took out a box that I already have seen, I covered my mouth just like I should have done the first time, my eyes got watery, my hands were shaking, my heart was about to get off my chest, ‘’Amanda, would you please marry me?’’ – the tears fell down my cheeks like waterfall, I was about to sob, but I managed to answer, I nodded like a hundred times, before saying, ‘’Of course!!!’’ he stood up, put the ring where it belonged, and then we kissed, it felt like kissing him for the first time, he was the love of my life, it was like getting back something vital of you, I was his, he was mine, everything felt into place, I felt complete, I felt fulfill, everything was just perfect, he wiped away some of my tears, then I realized he was tearing up a little as well, he got a little embarrassed cause I noticed he was crying, so he pull me against his chest into a tight hug, ‘’I love you princess, please never let me go’’ – he whispered in my ear stuttering, ‘’that won’t ever happen’’ – I whispered back, I wish I could  froze that moment in time and stayed like that forever, it was precious.


After eating our amazing dinner and having wine, we went downstairs where we met Sammy, Elena and the rest of the boys. I was laughing inside, Elena must be dying just by having Zayn in front of her.  As soon as they saw us, they started clapping, we laughed I think we even blushed, ‘’Why are you guys clapping?’’ – I asked smiling, ‘’You guys are back together!!’’ – Niall responded excitedly, ‘’What makes you believe that?’’ – Harry asked him, ‘’You’re holding hands lovebirds’’ – Louis added, we both smiled a little and sat down with them for a while, i showed them the ring again, they were all very happy about us, even Zayn looked satisfied about how everything turned out, I couldn’t thank him enough, for all he did. Sammy and Elena were almost crying, I hugged them tight, they were the best, best friends anyone could ever ask for, they knew everything, they went to London to help me out, and they completely did. ‘’Sooo.. when’s the wedding?’’ – Sammy asked out loud, ‘’Well it all depends of what my princess wants.’’ – Harry said to her, they all said ‘’Aww’’, laughed and i gave Harry a little kiss. ‘’Actually I want to do it, as soon as possible’’ – ‘’Really?’’ – he asked me, ‘’Yes, the sooner I can say to the world I’m Mr. Harry Styles’s wife, the happier I’d be’’ – I told him staring into his flawless eyes, he smiled at me.


The rest of the night was incredible, good vibes, great company, amazing place, great food, the weather was just perfect, but the best of everything was having his hand in mine, was looking beside me and watching him there, was feeling his kisses every 3 minutes, was smelling his perfume in my clothes, was having his smile next to me, was being engaged to him..


Harry’s P.O.V:


I believe in chances, and that’s what I did, I gave us a chance to be happy together, we love each other, we needed each other, we can’t live without each other, I knew I would ended up being miserable without her for too long, as soon as I knew her, I knew I wanted to be with her, she completes me, thanks to her I know what it feels to love somebody, and how it feels to be loved, I know what it’s like to need somebody and how it feels when their gone, thanks to her I know what I want of my tomorrow and it’s having her there. Thanks to her I love the person I am and it’s because she took me there, I’ve learned the real meaning of love by knowing her, I couldn’t picture myself with no one else but her, she understands me, she get along with the lifestyle I have, it’s not easy, and she makes it feel like it is, she’s always doing something to make me happy, and just by her trying i'm the happiest man alive. I feel lucky we’re back together, but I feel blessed to know... She will be my wife.

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