An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


26. ''I Miss Her''



It was Liam, as cute as always. He was being very supportive with me I was truly thankful.


‘’Hey there’’ – I said while hugging him.

‘’So.. what’s your master plan? ‘’ – he asked curiously

‘’Take me to Harry’s place’’ – I stated.

‘’That’s quite a plan huh?’’ – he chuckled.

‘’Well maybe not, I just want to say a proper Goodbye to him’’ – I said facing the floor.

‘’it’s okay Mandy, don’t be sad, I’ll take you there’’ – he said smiling at me.

‘’Thank you so much Liam!!’’


We were already on our way to Harry’s home, i.. was feeling sick, I felt a giant knot in my stomach I could barely breathe, but it was the least thing I could do, I wouldn’t leave without seeing his face even if it was for the  last time.


Liam stopped the car, we were there. ‘’Here we are’’ – he said.

I took a deep breath ‘’Just give me a second’’ – I told him, ‘’Don’t worry I’ll be here’’ – he grinned. I got out of the car and went upstairs, I was in front of his door, my hands were sweating. I knocked the door a couple of times, I had no answer. ‘’Oh God please don’t tell me he’s not here!’’ – I said to myself.  The janitor man was walking through and told me: ‘’ Excuse me lady, Mr. Styles is currently not home, do you want me to give him a message?’’ – ‘’Oh.. no, thank you. I’ll come in other time’’ – I replied, I took out of my pocket the paper I wrote and slid it under his door.


Feeling disappointed I went back to the car. ‘’That was quick’’ – Liam said, ‘’He wasn’t home’’ – I whispered almost crying.

‘’ohh.. no!!, I’m so sorry Mandy’’ – ‘’it’s okay I guess’’ – I said whipping away my tears, ‘’is there anything else I could do for you?’’ – he asked, ‘’No Liam, thank you, you’ve done enough already, just take me home’’ – he nodded and started driving back to aunt Nina’s apartment. He turned on the radio just to try making the environment less awkward, **Can we fall one more time, stop the tape and rewind, Oh and if you walk away I know I’ll fade, ‘cause there’s nobody else, it’s gotta be..-**


Liam turned off the radio as quick as he could, ‘’I’m so so so sorry Mandy’’ – he told me. I couldn’t tell a word my tears were falling down my cheeks like waterfalls, his voice, his melody, even the lyrics were killing me softly I put my hands in my face, trying to hide the whole drama going on. I knew he was staring at me, he tried to comfort me by rubbing my shoulder. He knew there was nothing he could say to make me feel better, so he just kept the silence till’ I got home.


‘’Thank you again Liam, you’ve been a good friend to me, thank you so much’’ – I said while hugging him Goodbye.

‘’You’re welcomed Mandy, anytime, everything’s going to be alright.’’ – I smiled at him and closed the door.


I got in the elevator, just looking myself at the mirror I saw my face without life, without that Glow I had when I was with him, my eyes were swollen, I got pissed off with myself for letting this ruined me.


I opened the door of the apartment, it was empty, apparently aunt Nina and my parents went out to dinner or something, I went to my room and stared packing my stuff up, we were leaving in the morning.


Harry’s P.O.V:


It’s been almost a months I can’t believe I still haven’t spoken to her, I don’t want to imagine how’s she doing. It’s hard for me cause I’m away from my girlfriend and my best friend. Each time I think of her the images of her kissing that guy simply pop up and I can’t get rid of the feeling of anger I get when I find myself alone, with her. I’ve been a little distant with the boys I just asked them a little time to myself, some space to think. I’ve been with my family a lot these weeks, but it was time to go home, I was missing my bed and my stuff.


When I opened the door I felt I stepped on something, I looked down, it was a paper. I unfolded it.

** How to start writing something you wouldn’t like to end.

The feelings of rejection and sadness are the ones filling my body, I can’t stand being away from you, I can’t stand let the days pass me by without hearing your voice, telling you I love you, I can’t believe I’ve lost my best friend, my confident, my life, my love, I swear to you that I never thought this would be like this, my love for you is enormous, I don’t want to live without you, you’re my everything, I’m sorry, I’m truly sorry of what you had to see, I swear it wasn’t what you thought it was, I tried to explain, but my world crashed with every step you took away from me. I can not explain the pain I’m feeling right now, I can not explain how hurt  I am, I can’t tell you how shatter my heart is, I just wanted you to know, I love you, and that won’t change, I’m going home tomorrow, I just wanted to say bye. I love you Harry, I do, and that will never die.




Tears were falling down my face with every word I read; I was upset I was sad. Upset because I let my pride kept me away from her, not calling her, not texting her. It was obvious she was in pain; it killed me ‘cause I would never do something to hurt her. I just sat down in my bed I put my hand y my head.


‘’I miss her’’ …


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