An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


31. Hospital


Harry’s P.O.V:


We were in the tour bus, in a famous highway almost outside L.A. in the United States, we were messing around and fooling each other up, we were done with the concerts here in America, we were just visiting new places and trying new food. All of a sudden I felt that something was going on with the bus driver or the bus itself, it was failing which was pretty dangerous ‘cause we were going fast. I was sitting there trying to make a sandwich with Niall of course when suddenly the bus braked abruptly seconds later I felt how something hit us from behind very hard, the sound was horrible, the bus moved forward because of the crashed. The boys and me got outside to see what happened, it was a little crowd already, ‘’it’s a girl’’ – I heard someone saying in the crowd. The car was pretty messed up, all the glasses were in the girls body, she was bleeding it looked horrible to be honest, Zayn and Liam were calling 911, I was trying to see clearly the face of the girl, when I did I panicked.


‘’I know her, I know her!!!’’ – I shouted

‘’it’s Mandy!! Let me get through!!!’’ – I kept on yelling

Louis and Niall heard what I said and ran to me.

‘’Are you sure!!??’’ – Louis asked.

‘’of course I’m sure, she’s injured, help me!!’’ – I said desperate

They helped me to opened the door damaged car door.

She suddenly turned her face to me, she looked like passing out, but I know she saw my face.


Mandy’s P.O.V:



I woke up in a white room, ‘’I must have been in the hospital’’ – I said to myself, I had a light blue robe on and I was freezing, my forehead hurt so much when I was about to touch it, a nurse approached to me, ‘’How are you feeling Amanda?’’ –she asked nicely

‘’i..feel fine but it hurts so much’’- I replied while trying to touch where I felt pain in my head.

‘’You hit your head hard, plus some glasses cut your forehead a bit, you got some stiches, be careful not to touch it, it can get infected.’’ – she answered

‘’Oh, ‘kay, thank you’’ – I said, she smiled at me walking outside my room when I asked her: ‘’Ma’am I’m sorry but am I here alone? Have you seen someone? Visiting me or, did someone brought me here?’’ – I asked concerned.

‘’Yes, two girls are here, Sammy and Elena and a boy came this morning Sean I believe, their names are in the visitors register’’

‘’well, thanks’’ – I mumbled.

‘’Anytime’’ – she responded.


Guess I was dreaming or something, but I swear I saw his face, and I felt his hands helping me, this is getting serious, I’m hallucinating, he was never there.


I was yawning and playing with my hands when Sammy and Elena opened the door.

‘’Oh my God, you’re awake!! How are you feeling M?’’ – Sammy asked, she was worried.

‘’Heey girls, I’m so happy to see you here, I feel good actually, a little bit tired and a little pain, but I’m okay’’ – i said smiling at them.

‘’We were pretty scared, you silly’’ – Elena added.

‘’I’m sorry girls, it all happened so fast’’ - I replied


Someone opened the door slowly, the girls glanced at it, and suddenly their mouths dropped and their eyes were wide open.


‘’What’s going on girls?, why are you..-?’’ – I cut myself from talking when I saw the reason of their shocking expressions.


‘’Good evening’’ – He said with his always-beautiful British accent, I didn’t say a word I was confused, I thought I was dreaming or something the nurse said that only Sammy, Elena and Sean came but..


‘’Oh my God’’ – Elena finally cut the ice

‘’You…You’re…Ha-Harry Ssstyles!!!!!’’ – Sammy stuttered.

‘’Well yeah, that’s how my mom named me’’ – he said joking with them.

‘’But what are you doing here?’’ – Elena asked him, I was still in silent I actually was enjoying the fact that I never told them I knew harry and that I was even his girlfriend.


‘’Well I’m..a very close friend to Mandy’’ – he replied to her.

Elena and Sammy turned their faces at me with *surprise* looks in their eyes, I smiled at them and told them: ‘’Can you please leave us alone girls?’’

‘’Ss…sure’’ – Elena said while taking Sammy’s hand abruptly and getting out of the room.


‘’I thought I was dreaming…’’ – I told him.

‘’I thought I was having a nightmare when I saw you there’’ – He replied.

‘’I’m so glad you’re here, you have no idea, but how, I mean why are you in America? What were you doing in the accident scene?’’ – I asked confused

‘’Well you crashed with our tour bus, we were performing all this time’’ –she answered with his hands inside his pockets.

‘’Oh my god, I’m so sorry’’ – i said.

‘’I was worried for you M, you looked awful, you were bleeding, you passed out, looking at you like that, killed me little by little’’ – he whispered at the end.

‘’I…just..’’ – he cut me of talking and said: ‘’I’ve missed you mandy, you don’t know how much I’ve been asking life to reunite me with you’’.

I was in silent, I couldn’t believe he was saying that to me, I thought he didn’t even think about me.


‘’You’re going out of the hospital today, I have your stuff, your bag and your car keys’’ – he added.

‘’oh my god, my car’’ – I said remembering it was a huge piece of crap now.

‘’Don’t worry about it M, It’s getting fixed, I sent it yesterday, after the accident.’’ –he replied

‘’Really? I couldn’t thank you enough’’ 

‘’No need to, we better get going, I’m staying with you tonight, you can’t be alone.’’ – he stated

‘’My pleasure’’. – I answered

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