An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


32. Home Sweet Home


Mandy’s P.O.V:


He took my bag, my stuff and helped me out with my clumsy walking to car he rented. I was so happy he was with me, it was like feeling home again but I felt inhibited, I felt I should have stop myself from being completely me with him, I didn’t want him to feel uncomfortable, or I don’t know I just wanted to make everything perfect and make him happy as well.


I was giving him directions all the time to our way home, he looked so cute asking ‘’where should I go?’’ ‘’Can I turn left here?’’, oh god I couldn’t explain in words how much I missed him, it’s like a piece of my body is back where it belongs.


We were finally at my home, he helped me get out of the car, ‘’Watch out!!, your head’’ – he shouted, I was loving the way he was taking care of me. I told him to follow me so I could go ahead and open the door for him. ‘’Home sweet home’’ – I said with a smile.

‘’this is pretty cute, it’s so you’’ – he replied while observing the apartment out, ‘’I’m still doing my best’’ –I grinned at him.

‘’Are you hungry?’’ – he asked, ‘’Actually, I’m starving!!’’ – I said while rubbing my tummy, ‘’Want some pizza?’’, ‘’Sounds great for me’’ – I replied heading to the bathroom, ‘’I’ll take a shower, feel yourself at home’’ – I told him nicely.


I closed the bathroom door behind me, stared myself at the mirror for a second, I was checking out my stiches ‘’that looks ugly’’ – I said to myself, I took off the dress I had on and went to the shower, I was cleaning some dried blood I had in my legs and in my stomach, it was pretty creepy, but then I simply smiled, realizing that if it wasn’t for the accident maybe, he wouldn’t be with me right now, if it wasn’t for my stupidity and getting lost in the way, I wouldn’t be so happy right now, so it may sound crazy, but I would crash again just to make sure he will never leave me again. Two knocks in my bathroom door interrupted my thoughts it was him, ‘’M, the food is here, I’ll wait for you’’ – he yelled adorably, ‘’I’m coming!!’’ –I yelled back.


I cleaned my forehead stiches, wrapped my body with a towel, and went outside just like that.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I was watching tv in her living room she was taking a shower. Her apartment was so cozy, the decoration was very modern, some black and white going on, leather couch a huge flat screen, even though it wasn’t a big apartment it was perfect.


The pizza man, rang the bell, I took the pizza and paid him, I knocked at her door and said: ‘’M, the food is here, I’ll wait for you’’ she yelled back at me seconds later ‘’I’m coming!!’’.


I put the pizza box in one of the kitchen’s counters I opened and I was taking some slices and putting them in two separate plates, when she suddenly walked out of the bathroom and went into the kitchen with only a towel on, she looked so hot, I couldn’t resist the thoughts of her naked body underneath that simple towel, her wet hair laying in her left shoulder made me bite my lip. I found myself speechless for a minute ‘’Oh you’re finally out’’ – I said, I didn’t want to make things awkward between us, ‘’yeah, I’ll change, don’t start without me’’ – she said while walking straight to her room. Five minutes later she joined me at the living room, I gave her the plate I got for her, and some iced tea. ‘’Thank you sweetie’’ – she replied while she accommodated herself in the comfy couch. I remembered how warm I felt each time she called me ‘’sweetie’’ or just any of her loving names towards me, it’s incredible how much I’ve been missing her, and now, I just have her in front of me.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


We were eating the pizza and changing channels, I was sleepy, was then when I remembered something important. ‘’Oh oh, we have a problem’’ – I told him,  ‘’what is it?’’ – ‘’I have a guest room but it’s completely full of boxes, some new furniture and all the things I still have to unpack’’,  ‘’Pss, forget it, just sleep with me’’ – I replied while **deeply** thinking about it, ‘’as long as it’s okay with you, I’m fine’’ – he responded, ‘’Great then, I think I’m going to bed now, I’m more than tired, my whole body hurts’’ – I said with a complain face, ‘’that’s not a problem’’ – he said while standing up and leaning his body towards me, he carried me like he used to do, and took me to my room, ‘’Wow this is nice’’ – he said referring to my bedroom, ‘’thank you dear’’ – I replied while giving him a little kiss on his cheek, that was the wildest thing I’ve done in a long time.

He put me in the bed, I had my pjs on already, he covered me up with the blanket I had there and laid himself next to me, I was on bliss just by having him there, feeling his temperature, and just by knowing that if I turn around in midnight I’d see his face.



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