An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


53. Heart Attack


Mandy’s P.O.V:


‘’So.. what now?’’ – I asked them, my eyes went to Elena then back at Sammy and so on, ‘’We have all figure out, we’ll have dinner in a cute restaurant, we’ll have a friendly walk afterwards, it will be late so we’ll come back to the hotel to sleep’’- Sammy replied whist reading some kind of what I would call itinerary, she was right, they had everything figured out. I saw how Elena was giggling under her pillow like trying to hide her happiness, ‘’Why are you giggling weirdo??’’ – I asked her taking away the pillow, she focused more in taking it back than giving me an answer, I just ended up ignoring her.


We watched or tried to watch some tv, but as you may know, we don’t know any French, so staring at the tv having no clue of what were they saying, wasn’t fun at all, so we started to take out the clothes we were going to wear, getting ready to shower and all the girly process.


I was brushing my hair, looking myself at the mirror, trying to figure out my face, my thoughts, my present, you couldn’t see happiness in my smile, there wasn’t any glow in my eyes, no light in my words, nothing special in my company, why were they ignoring all that of me? Sammy and Elena know me so well, they know I’m not right, but still they haven’t asked me a thing about it, not even about Harry, they’ve been pretty busy with their excitement I guess, or simply being terrible at noticing things.


I put on a light natural makeup, I was not in the mood of a red lipstick or some smoky eye, I was wearing some tight skinny white jeans, some spiky gold loafers and a hot pink chunky sweater, it was cold. My hair was long and wavy, I guess I looked alright.  When I came out of the bathroom Sam and El were ready already, of course, no surprise, they had both a little side bag, I took mine and put it across my body, ‘’LETTGOOO’’ – Elena shouted, all I could do was laughed ‘cause I was starting to enjoy their happiness.


We were sitting in a small table, illuminated by a few candles; it was pretty warm and quite romantic actually. We ordered some pasta, we were not into the exploring new foods already, and we were starving so we went with the secure stuff, pasta for 3 please.


We had some catching up stuff going on during dinner, nothing about harry though which was pretty pretty strange, I asked about Sean, they told me he was going out with some girl, he was doing okay, we had some couple of wine and an amazing dessert, we were full, tired and sleepy already, so we went back to the hotel, Elena flew to her bed and fell asleep with her clothes on, Sammy went to the bathroom and did her beauty routine, removing her makeup, putting her hair into a ponytail, cleaning her face, and getting into her pjs, I did the same, watched some of Tom & Jerry since they did not have to talk, there was not French speaking involved so I had my dosses of cartoons then fell asleep.


I felt how my bed was shaking, ‘the world must be ending hard right now’’ – I thought in my sleep, the movement was growing and getting harder as the seconds passed by, then I started to hear some voices, voices I couldn’t recognize, then the noise was getting clearer, the movement was increasing speed, then I quickly open my eyes, it was Elena and Sammy jumping in my bed to wake me up, I rolled to the left with my body facing down, took my pillow and placed it in my head, trying to block the noise and the blinding light from the sun.  ‘’C’mon boring old lady, get your tropical body off the bed!!’’ – Elena said still jumping and walking on my bed, Sammy shook my body, they were bothering the heck out of me, they took of my sheets and the blankets, and almost carried me to the bathroom, ‘’GET READY’’ – commanded me, I yawned and giggled a bit, ‘’Where are we going’’- I asked them while almost shocking with my tooth brush, ‘’Today will be such an amazing day’’ – Sammy said smiling, ‘’What should I wear then?’’ – I asked Sam, but to my surprise Elena had a whole outfit over my bed. I took a short shower and got ready, I don’t like to make people wait for me.


We went downstairs, another taxi was waiting for us, then I realized it was the same man that took us from the airport the first time, Sam and El didn’t seem to notice and the taxi man looked like not having a clue, so I ignored that.


We arrived to some kind of stadium, Elena was going crazy of excitement and happiness, Sammy was trying to control herself I could tell, there was a HUGE line, girls screaming, having posters, and handmade stuff, I was trying to figure out what was going on and where were we. There was a never ending line but we didn’t make it, Sammy took our hands and made us follow her to the inside of the stadium, it was a concert, then it hit me ‘’OH MY GOD, it’s a ONE DIRECTION CONCERT’’


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