An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


27. Going Home.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


‘’Ladybug!! Ladybug!!’ – I heard aunt Nina trying to wake me up.

‘’Ladybug!! Wake up!!- She whispered, I yawned ‘’is it the time?’’ –I asked sadly, she nodded with a sad face as well. I sighed and hugged her, ‘’this is so hard aunt Nina, so.. Hard.’’ she didn’t know what to tell me so she rubbed my shoulder and said ‘’I’m going to miss you so much’’, I saw her face and I couldn’t say a thing I was about to cry.


I went to the bathroom, I saw my reflection in the mirror  for the last time in a very long time, and got in the shower. The flashbacks of these two months were on play in my mind, it was so overwhelming, so sad, I couldn’t help but crying again.


I got ready and got my stuff done, my parents were waiting for me in the living room I told them I wanted to go over the whole house in a way to say goodbye to the apartment. I went to the kitchen, the living room, the diner room, the terrace, and I finally went upstairs. I suddenly broke down in tears, why couldn’t I stop crying?. The images of being in the pool with him, the moment we first kissed, to the moment where he walked away from me, I couldn’t handle it, I went downstairs and said ‘’Ready..’’ –with my head down.


Aunt Nina, hugged me tight, and said ‘’You’ll come back dear, don’t worry, I’m going to miss you so so so much’’ – ‘’Me too aunt Nina, me too..’’.


My parents said goodbye to her and then we were already on our way to the airport.


I was in the backseat laying my head on the window, with my headphones on, watching London pass me by, I was so… miserable.


we finally were in the airport, waiting for our flight. It’s so funny how the whole purpose of me coming to London was to have a fresh start to be happy now I’m leaving WORST.


‘’Mandy come, we’re leaving’’ – mom said.

I followed her…



Harry’s P.O.V:


‘’Oh My God!!’’ – I said out loud, ‘’I fell asleep, hope it isn’t too late’’.

I got myself changed, I went as quickly as I could to Nina’s apartment, I wouldn’t let myself end us like this. Went to the elevator I was anxious, I was nervous; I was in a way excited to see her.


I knocked the door, Nina opened.

‘‘Where is she?’’ – I asked her suffocated, she suddenly was facing down with a sad look in her face.. ‘’She left Harry..’’

I was In shock this is all my fault I let her go, without seeing me, talking to me, I was going around in circles in her living room.

‘’Why didn’t you call her?, she waited all this time with her phone in her hands, just expecting something from you.’’ – she said firmly. ‘’I know.. and for that I’m sorry, I couldn’t control myself upon the situation’’ – I said with my head down.

I excused myself to nina and told her I got to go, I couldn’t resist being in the place where we used to spend the nights and our days.


I got in my car, cursing, and screaming out loud. It was too late to go to the airport she was in the air already. So I sent her a message.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


We were on our way to my house already; It was such a biter sweet feeling. I only missed my room, not even my friends. I know mom was still feeling guilty about everything, cause she barely talked to me, dad felt sad and he simply didn’t know what to tell me or what to do to make me feel better, and honestly I don’t blame him, cause I don’t even know either..


We parked, and I took all my bags and suitcases off the car, I went directly to my room I laid in my bed, facing the ceiling, I suddenly felt my phone buzzing.


**We’re  not over yet..Harry** 

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