An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


19. Giant Bunnies


We forgot the little episode, I deleted the texts and apologized to harry again, I took a shower he did the same, and we simply were cuddling whilst watching a movie and eating Chinese food.


Harry’s P.O.V:


I won’t deny it, it really pissed me off the fact that, Mike couldn’t stay away from her. I don’t blame him either, he just lost the most valuable thing he could ever had, HER. She’s such an amazing and beautiful person that in a way I understand why he’s acting like that, he just want her back and maybe he doesn’t even know Mandy has a boyfriend already but anyway…


I was calming myself down, and simply enjoying the moment with her watching the movie and having dinner, she had that something that I really couldn’t get at her. She made me smile just by looking at her and feel her with me.


‘’Baby.. I’m sleepy’’ – she said whilst yawning.

‘’Do you want me to take you to your bed?’’ – I even sounded like I was talking to a little girl.

‘’well, I’d love to’’- she gave me THAT look.

I stood up and carried her, she was making herself heavy making me walk clumsy she was giggling and making fun of me.

I placed her body in the soft bed, and I laid right next to her.

‘’I’m excited for you to meet my parents’’ – she mumbled

I wasn’t surprise of what she said I just wasn’t expecting it that soon.

‘’When are they coming?’’ – I asked

‘’Six days..’’ – she murmured

‘’Wow that’s pretty soon huh?’’

‘’Well yeaah, I can’t wait to see them, and introduce you to them, you’ll like them, they are amazing.’’ – she said smiling and kissing my cheeks.   

‘’I can’t wait to meet them then.’’.



Mandy’s P.O.V:


I was talking to harry in my bed when all of a sudden I hear this freaking noise. We got up pretty fast and froze for a second to see if the noise would come back again, then I heard someone saying ‘’SHHIIIT’’. 


‘’Oh.. oh’’ – I said running to the leaving room.

‘’THERE YOU ARE!!!!’’ –

‘’Aunt  Ninaa!!! What are you doing here?’’ – I said surprised.

‘’Oh well maybe because I live here.’’- she replied with her face full of sarcasm.

‘’Very funny, I thought you.. well.. why didn’t you tell me you were coming?’’ – I asker her.

‘’I wanted to surprise you, I needed to see you so I managed to come back as soon as I could so here I am ladybug..and i.. oh.. who is.. he? – she interrupted herself when she saw Harry coming out of my room.

‘’Ohhh, This is Harry aunt Nina, he’s my boyfriend, Harry this is my aunt nina.’’- I giggled.

‘’Your boyfriend? Well I definitely think you’ve been enjoying yourself lately huh? Nice to meet you harry’’ – she shook his hand and smiled.

‘’Nice to meet you too ma’am’’ – he said adorably

‘’Don’t worry about me you guys, just help me pick up this suitcases from the floor, I don’t know why they decided to broke, they’re new’’  - she told us staring at the mess of clothes in the floor.

Harry helped her immediately, she took my hand and made me follow her to her room.

‘’Your boyfriend seriously? Isn’t he the cute boy from this famous boy band?’’ – she said amazed

‘’haha, yeah, I know it’s weird, but we’ve been best friends for a while now, and It just happened here.’’ – I looked so freaking in love

‘’oh my God, I’m so excited for you ladybug, is he sleeping over?’’

‘’Well if you don’t mind’’- I replied.

‘’of course not, just don’t tell your parents I let you, or I’ll kill you’’ – she stated.

‘’I will never do that, you silly, thank you so much aunt nina, I missed you’’ – I told her and hugged her goodnight


‘’I missed you too dear’’.


I went out to the living room, Harry was standing in the front door. ‘’Where do you think you’re going Mr.?’’

‘’Do you still want me to stay?’’ – he whispered.

‘’why wouldn’t i? you’re my teddy bear during the night babe, I can’t get any sleep without rubbing your curls.’’ – I said with a saddy face.

‘’But what about your aunt?’’ – he asked nervously

‘’Oh.. her? She said you should hug me tight at night so my nightmares of giant bunnies could go away’’ – I said sounding serious about it.

‘’Pheww, I like your aunt nina, I didn’t want to sleep without you tonight’’- he kissed my nose.


‘’wait.. do you have nightmares of giant bunnies?’’

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