An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


60. Drugstore adventure.


Mandy’s P.O.V:


I felt like calling someone, but who will I call? I just got through a huge disappointment with Harry, and now is when aunt Nina is really HER with me, I can’t call her and tell her that I might be pregnant, I’m not gonna call my mom telling her I might be pregnant she’ll literally freak out, I can’t under any circumstances tell Sammy or Elena, they’ll tell harry or aunt nina right away so I had to think very well what to do before mess things up again. ‘’YES! I got it!!’’ – I yelled still having the towel around my body, sitting in bed with my laptop, I took my phone, and called Niall, ‘’Heeeey M, how you doing?’’ – he answered the phone as bubbly as always, ‘’Hi irish man, see, I’m calling you cause I need a HUGE favor from you..’’ – ‘’Sure, what you need?’’ – ‘’first you have to promise me you won’t tell Harry’’ – ‘’Umm.. will you get me in some trouble young lady?’’ – ‘’Oh please you silly of course not, I just need you to keep this as a secret till’ I figure things out, please, PLEASE!!..’’ – I begged, ‘’Kay, kay, what do I have to do?’’ – ‘’Come pick me up, I need you to take me somewhere.’’ – ‘’like now?’’ – ‘’Yes!!’’ – ‘’Well okay, get ready then.’’ – he said adorably, he was such a supporter, I knew I could count on him, even though it was kind off funny he was about to go with me to get some pregnancy tests.


I hung up the phone and went to my closet, got something to wear and waited for him in the living room watching some TV. About 15 minutes later, I heard some knocks at the door, ‘’I’m coming!!’’ – ‘’Who is it??’’ – I yelled, ‘’it’s me, Niall.’’ – he yelled back with his amazing irish accent, I smiled just by imaging his cute little face. I opened the door and there he was, I hugged him and welcomed him inside, ‘’Soo what’s the big mystery?’’ – he asked laughing while putting his hands in his front pockets. ‘’Well I need you to take me to a drugstore’’ – ‘’You sick? You feeling right?’’ – he took things in some kind of rush, ‘’No, no, no, Niall, calm down!!’’ – I said in a low voice, ‘’I need to get something in particular, but please let’s get out of here first, I’ll tell you there.’’ – he frowned, took the keys and said ‘’Let’s go’’.


He kept asking me what were we doing all the the way to the place, it didn’t matter how much I told him to wait, he still asked. We were finally inside the drugstore, I felt so freaking uncomfortable to actually being looking for that specific item, I felt a little embarrassed, so I walked around where the pregnancy tests were, a couple of times, just waiting for the people that were in the halls to leave, I didn’t want them to see what I was looking for. I know, I know, I don’t need to care what they think, but remember I’m Harry Styles fiancée, what if they make this a huge TRENDING TOPIC?, oh my god, I was already getting nervous about the whole thing. Niall stood next to the magazines stand, he had one in hand, I could hear him laughing, bet he was reading some rumor of one of the boys. I went back to the hall where the tests were, it was finally empty, so I rushed and took 3 of them as fast as I could and hid it under my jacket, to my surprise mr. Horan was standing behind me, and watched the whole movie scene I just made, I turned around, smiled at him, I felt how my cheeks got red and said ‘’Oppsie’’, he had a very serious and worried face, ‘’Ar-are you preg-pregnant?’’ – he mumbled, I shrugged my shoulders ‘’I still don’t know..’’ – I replied to him in a low voice, ‘’this is why I need you to keep this as a secret..’’ – I asked him and he nodded.


I was too embarrassed to go and pay that to the cashier so I thought I had a good idea, ‘’Niaaall’’- I said almost singing, ‘’What now clever M?’’ – he knew me so well, he knew I was about to ask him something, ‘’Would you please, please, please, take these and pay them’’ – I told him while giving him the puppy face, ‘’Seriously!!??’’ – he asked with this * are you kidding me * kind of face, I nodded, ‘’Oh god, give me that’’ – he said while taking the three rectangular boxes from my hands. Once he was in front of the cashier I could see him blushing I couldn’t help but laugh, the cashier stared at him weirdly, ‘’Oh, oh no, it’s for my mom’’ – he said to her nervously, I was almost choking of laughter, it was incredibly funny to see him under that kind of pressure, I was glad that at least I could find some fun in this incertitude. The cashier smiled nicely at him and he awkwardly left the store I was already in the car, still laughing of course, ‘’Very funny mandy, very funny’’ – he said, ‘’Oh c’mon it was really funny, admit it..’’ – ‘’Well, maybe..’’ – he laughed, after laughing together for a while I had to face reality, I had a bag filled with 3 pregnancy test, that was serious. ‘’So.. now what m?’’ – ‘’Guess I have to figure this out..’’- I sighed, ‘’Let me know as soon get the results please’’ – he asked me before I stepped out of his car, ‘’Will do!!’’ – I replied to him and closed his car door. I put the little bad inside my jacket and went upstairs.


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