An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


36. Don't Let Him


After all the hours we spent talking, catching up, and explaining Harry everything was okay with Sean, the girls left.


We were pretty tired, basically of doing nothing, so we decided that we should start to organize our trip to London. He only had to pack his stuff, but I had to do a garage sale with my furniture, and get all the things that I wanted to keep together so I could send them to England as well.


I organized a garage sale for the weekend and everything went terrific, I was amazed by the whole success of it, I was moving, with the love of my life, to LONDON, by ourselves, and I already had some money in my pockets from the sale, I couldn’t believe how great things were going.


‘’Kay mate, see you tomorrow’’ – I heard harry said to the phone.

‘’Who was that babe?’’ – I asked him

‘’It was Louis, he can’t wait for us to go’’ – he said happily

‘’Oh me neither, I can’t wait to see them, I miss Liam’’

‘’Yeah, I miss them all, I’m so excited about all this M, this will be the ultimate adventure’’ – he told me like singing, I laughed and gave him a kiss in his lips and kept packing my clothes.


‘’Babee, someone’s  knocking the door, can you answer it please?’’ – I shouted to harry

‘’Sure, I’ll go’’ – he replied shouting back.

I kept folding the pants and tops and organizing everything up till’ I heard some guy yelling and arguing.


‘’Who do you think you are? You can’t come here pretending to be some kind of super hero and take Mandy away, she’s not another groupie of yours, she’s an amazing, beautiful, smart woman, and does not deserve to be going after a guy like you over the world, she suffered enough’’- the voice said, I couldn’t believe what I heard so I went out of the room pretty quick so I could face what was happening in my living room.


‘’What the hell is going on here?’’ – I asked pissed off, oh God, it was Sean.


‘’Mandy, please don’t let him, don’t let him ruin your life again, don’t let him take you away from us, from Sammy, Elena, from.. me.’’ – Sean replied.


Harry was simply standing right in front of him emotionless, just silent and staring at Sean’s scene, he wasn’t even mad at the situation I was confused of his reaction so I just tried to handle the drama by myself.


‘’Sean, i..don’t know what’s going on with you right now, Harry is my boyfriend, I’m not a groupie, and maybe yeah, he’s my super hero and that’s why I love him, I’m moving not because he’s making me to, I’m leaving because I WANT TO, nobody said it would be easy to leave you guys behind, but please just don’t make things harder’’ – I said calmly


He was speechless and you could see the frustration in his eyes, he was anxious, he didn’t know what to say or do, till’ he broke the awkward silence and said. ‘’I don’t want to loose you’’


Harry seemed like he had enough already, ‘’Listen mate, I get it, you like her, you love her, but here’s the thing, she’s my girlfriend, the thing that my name is a little bit known in the world doesn’t change the fact that we’re in love, and that I can’t live without her, she’s my world, she’s the air I breathe, and I won’t blame you for feeling the way you feel towards her, I know, you can’t help it, she has that effect on good guys believe me, but I need you to respect, she’s not single, and I don’t think she will ever be.’’


I was in shock, I think even my eyes were blushing, it was so adorable and so mature of him to react and answered like that, he took and managed the thing so well I just smiled at him and then remembered Sean was still in the middle of it, he sighed loud and faced down, ‘’I’m sorry’’ -he mumbled ‘’Have a good life together’’ –he said quickly, turned around and left without letting me respond something or even have a proper goodbye.

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