An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


7. Dear London, I'm Here




I was finally done packing, I was exhausted just by doing that, it was 2 months of pure girl clothing, makeup and all the things I probably would need, forgetting that London is full of stores. I went to the kitchen made myself a sandwich, took a shower and went to bed.



‘’JESUSCHRIST’’- I jumped from my bed yawning, it was my alarm screaming that I should be getting ready to go. ‘’WOOOHOOOO’’ – I was simply out of my mind of excitement.


After 45minutes of getting myself ready I was already in my way to the airport with my parents.

Mom was a little too calmed, she just didn’t like the fact of me going alone, but please I’m 20 mom, I simply smiled at her and told her I would be fine. My dad just spent the whole trip to the airport saying names of famous places in England that I should tell aunt Nina to take me, art galleries, museums and yeah dad I’m definitely NOT going to spend my vacations in a museum.


I was finally at the airport, my mom cried a little bit, I hugged her and my dad very tight and said ‘’See you soon guys’’.


I took my suitcases and went directly to the whole process. When I was in the airplane already I texted harry: ‘’On my way to you little styles’’.  Took a book and started reading till’ I fell asleep.


I woke up realizing that I have been sleeping for only an hour and that made me sighed out loud ‘’oh my god this will be a very long trip’’ – I said to myself, I grabbed my ipod and put the shuffle on


** Circles, we’re going in circles

Dizzy’s all it makes us

We know where it takes us

We've been before

Closer, maybe looking closer

There's more to discover

Find out what went wrong without blaming each other ** I found myself singing very low, oh it was One direction I was so focused in the lyrics and lost in the voice of the first boy who started singing. It was harry, he certainly had such a beautiful and soft voice it was overwhelming. I fell asleep again to the voice of my little styles..


‘’Miss, Miss’’ – I heard while feeling someone’s hand shaking gently my shoulder. It was the air hostess. ‘’I’m sorry to wake you up miss, but you are already in London’’ – she nicely said.


‘’Oh thank you’’.


Took my bag, put my book and ipod in there, and ran away. After several hours of flight I finally was THERE, ENGLAAAAAND baby I was so freaking excited I didn’t even know what to do first.


When I was finally out of all the airport processes I went out, I was trying to find aunt nina somewhere she was suppose to be there waiting for me.


Suddenly this man with this super black hair and big mustache approached to me, it was pretty freaky I may say.

‘’Excuse me, are you Mandy?’’ – the man had a very weird voice but still I said ‘’Umm.. yeah, I’m mandy’’

‘’you’re going with me NOW’’ – he mumbled.

I just got into london’s floor and I was being kidnaped!! seriously??? oh lord this can't be happening.

‘’Mr. pleaseeee don’t hurt me’’- I said almost loosing my grip.


Suddenly the man burst off laughing so hard, it was a women voice, I was so confused.


‘’YOU ARE SO SILLY!!!!’’ – taking off the freaky wig and fake mustache said the woman,it was aunt nina.


‘’GOSH!!!!’’ – I said while putting my hand in my heart with my head facing the floor. ‘’are you freaking kidding me?’’  once I understood what was happening I couldn’t stop laughing.


‘’You’re finally hereeeeee baby ladybug, I’m so excited!!’’ – she said grabbing my hand and running in circles like a little girl.


‘’Hahaha, aunt nina please stop, just let's get out of here’’ – I told her while smiling.

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