An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


33. Coffees and Showers. (Strong Scene)



I was so tired and sleepy that I could barely open up my eyes, he yawned, put his hand in my thigh and stroked my skin softly, I was almost sleeping when I heard him say: ‘’Goodnight beautiful’ whispering while giving me a tiny kiss in my lips, I know he thought I was already asleep, but thank God I wasn’t I felt it, warm, soft, it tasted so sweet, the way he gently put his lips over mine, I was already dreaming.


‘’Wake up M, I brought you some breakfast.’’ – he whispered in my ear, I yawned and slowly opened my eyes, his face was right there, in front of me, it gave me chills just knowing he was with me, indirectly.


‘’Morning Mr. Curls’’ – I said smiling at him, ‘’I got some croissants and some coffees, I found a good bakery, and the lady seemed pretty nice at me for some reason’’ – he replied, ‘’What bakery? You met Mrs. Parker?- I asked him while I was trying to sit in my bed, ‘’Yes, that’s the name Mrs. Parker’’ – ‘’Oh, that’s nice’’ – I answered trying to avoid the fact that I confessed certain things to Mrs. Parker about Harry, I bet she knew who he was.


We sat in my coffee table and had breakfast there, ‘’Did you sleep well?’’ – I asked him while taking a sip of my coffee, ‘’Pretty well!!’’ – he replied grabbing his croissants and eating it. I couldn’t look straight at him, I was in need of him, I needed him to kiss me, I had  to feel that intensity that filled my body, each time we were together I didn’t want to seem desperate or horny in front of him, but I couldn’t help it, I had to look away of his face, and he seemed to realize that I was uncomfortable.


‘’What’s wrong?’’ – he asked

‘’Umm..not-nothing, it’s just me, I’m not..never mind’’ – I responded stuttering.


He took a sip of his mug and basically ignored my awkward answer.

‘’I need to give you something..’’- he interrupted my thoughts.

‘’What is it?’’ – I asked him back

‘’Give me a second.’’.

He got up, and went to my room, when he came back he sat right in front of me, he was so close I could feel his breath and his warm breathing. ‘’I saved this when you had the accident, you had it on and the nurse took it off, I couldn’t believe you had it on..’’ – he told me with watery eyes, he opened his hand and I saw the chain, he was holding the half of the heart very tight, was then when I realized he was always wearing his, he was using the one I gave him as well, it made my heart jump, ‘’i..thank you’’ – was all I could say, he put the necklace on me just like he once did, ‘’I better go and take a shower’’ – I said while ruining the whole moment.

‘’kay then..’’- he mumbled.


I got up of the table, took the dirty dishes to the kitchen and went straight to the bathroom, I quickly took my clothes off, I realized that I haven’t locked the door, when I was about to lock it, I suddenly felt how some masculine hands were intensely grabbing my naked butt from behind, he was touching my back, I could feel his breath in my neck, he played with my hair, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed every single bit of it. He turned me around staring at my bare body and I could see lust and love in his eyes, he pressed my body with his, and gave me the most amazing kiss, was then when I just couldn’t control it anymore, it drove me literally insane, I continued kissing him passionately, I took his shirt off, he helped me with his belt and tight jeans, he pushed me into the shower, he got me leaning against the wall, the water was falling down like rain, our wet bodies were almost exploding of desire he kept kissing me and touching my breasts, he knew every move, he made me feel alive with every touch, I played with my hands all over his body, I bite gently his lower lip making him moan of excitement, he pull myself over so he was carrying me, my pelvis was almost glued to his, I had my arms around his neck, his hair was soaking wet, and I felt how suddenly he started to get inside of me, I was in cloud 9, all the memories from months ago, were playing all over my head, our kisses, our lusty moments, every single moment we spend together were my most valuable treasures.


He kept moving me up and down, at first slowly then the speed was rising as our excitation was growing, his face was impossible to describe, our emotions were flying high above the sky, it’s incredible the way he got me madly deeply in love with him, I found myself in the heat of the moment, our moans, our gasps, our suffocating breaths, our desire of each other. He was licking my neck making me close my eyes of the excitation,  ‘’I.. I love you’’ – I whispered through the sound of the water falling down, and the sound of our bodies moving together, ‘’I told you it wasn’t over yet’’ – he whispered, then kissed me.

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