An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


20. Christmas Shopping


Mandy’s P.O.V:


I woke up at the smell of bacon and fresh croissants, I couldn’t resist the temptation so I went directly to the kitchen, Aunt nina was making her amazing and famous breakfast.


‘’Morning dear’’ – she said whilst hugging me.

‘’Morning auntie’’ – I replied.

‘‘Where’s your other half?’’ – she winked at me

‘’Harry? He’s still sleeping’’ – I smiled.

‘‘Are you excited about your parents coming up? Only 5 days left, your mom keeps telling me she has a huge surprise for you, she still doesn’t want to tell me’’ – she said, pouring natural orange juice in my glass.

‘‘Of course I’m excited, I mean I needed a vacation from them too, but I miss them, and yeaah, she even mentioned me something about a ‘’huge surprise’’ also but I have no idea’’ – I answered taking a sip of my favorite juice.

‘’We’ll see then’’


‘’What about some girl day today?’’ – she asked me excited.

‘’Sure.. I think I need that, plus harry needs some time with the boys too’’ – I said taking a bite of the croissant in my plate.

‘’Woohoo, can’t wait, get yourself ready then’’ – she told me, then went to take a shower.


I finished my breakfast, took a plate put some bacon slices, a croissant and pour some juice in an other glass and went to my room. He was sleeping like a child, his hair was a total mess, his arms were all over the bed. I giggled. I placed the plate and the glass in my night stand and started rubbing and stroking his face softly, ‘’baby it’s time to get up’’ – I said whispering.

‘’what time is it?’’ – he asked while yawning

‘’it’s 11:20am’’ – I murmured in his ear.

‘’what?? I promise Liam I would play some golf with him by 12:30pm’’ – he stood up quickly.

‘’Well, I brought you some breakfast’’ – I gave him the plate and kissed him.

‘’Aww, see? I just gotta love you’’ – he took my hand and gave it little kisses.

‘’I’m going to take a shower sweetie, I’m going shopping with aunt nina, you know some Christmas presents’’

‘’Sounds good love, I’m sure you’ll have fun’’ – he said while having a fight with the bacon.

 I smiled and went directly to the bathroom.


I realized I lasted a little too much in the shower, I heard two knocks on my bathroom door. “Who is it? – I yelled.

‘’it’s me, Nina’’ – she opened the door. ‘’Oh hey aunt nina. I’m coming out already’’ – I told her, ‘’where’s harry?’’ – I asked

‘’He left a while ago, he had to go to Liam’s place’’ – she answered.

‘’Oh well..’’..


After a couple of hours of walking and walking, from stores to stores, we were exhausted. Our legs were misbehaving, we bought plenty of stuff, but I still didn’t know what to get for Harry, he had it all. it was soo difficult for me to think. what would he need? Or even want? He could get anything he had in mind.


 We were walking back home when I saw this little jewelry store it called my attention so aunt nina and I went in.


Rings, bracelets, earrings you know, what a typical jewelry store would have, but then I found IT. ‘’YESSS this is IT’’ – I yelled happily.

‘’It’s really pretty, he will love that ladybug’’ – aunt nina said to me.

‘’I’ll get it, I’ll get it’’ – I told the cashier, she took it, and put it in a little box, it was perfect, It wasn’t an expensive tie, or a designer suit, it was a piece of me, a piece of us.

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