An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


21. Christmas Eve


My mom called Aunt Nina to tell her, their flight was moved to December 25th. It was sad we wouldn’t spend Christmas Eve with them. Aunt Nina and I were already dealing with the dinner of 24th, which was the day after. We were pretty busy getting things set. Aunt Nina invited some of her friends, and I think she had a boyfriend but she just didn’t tell. So at least we wouldn’t be alone. Harry will spend the dinner with his family, he told me he would come afterwards.


We’ve spent the whole day buying food, and some new fancy dishes; she really wanted to make everything perfect.


‘’Wake up LADYBUG!!!’’- Yeah that was her amazing way to wake me up.

‘’Why would I wake up??’’ – I replied yawning and sinking my face in the pillow.

‘’Today’s Christmas Eve!!, aren’t you excited silly?’’ – she asked opening my curtains, my eyes were blind for a second the room was immediately white of brightness.

‘’Of course I am!!’’ – I answered.

‘’Well Get up let’s put the presents under the Christmas Tree, we’ll open them up tonight, not tomorrow morning, ‘cause I bought some stuff to my friends and they won’t be here in the morning’’ –she said.

‘’Sounds good to me’’ – and smiled at her.


She went out of my room singing some Christmas song, no surprise aunt Nina has been always a Holidays lover specially Christmas. The day was insanely cold, the city was white of course it looked so surreal for me to experience all this.


**How’s the love of my life? Good morning love, I’ve missed you these 2 days, I know crazy, but I can’t wait to kiss you. See you late at night.. Harry xx**


‘’Aww, isn’t he lovely?’’ – I said to myself out loud.

I put my phone in my bed and went to take a shower.


I know today would be an epic day ‘cause aunt Nina’s friends were coming early.


I opened my closet figuring out what I was suppose to wear at night, it was then when I remembered about the beautiful tight teal dress I bought before coming to London, the day I unfortunately saw Mike at the same store.


I found it and smiled holding the beautiful dress in my hands ‘’How could I forgot about you little thing?’’ – I obviously said to myself.

I took some Nude Steve madden pumps I bought in London and my outfit was pretty much complete.


I put some comfy clothes on, and went to the living room to meet aunt Nina staring at the Christmas tree; it was beautiful, a huge green tree stuffed with silver ornaments and a simulation of gold glitter all over it.


I got out all of the presents I have bought and put it nicely under the tree, the amount of presents were a little bit over the top if you ask me, but I was used to have Christmas as big as this so it was like feeling at home.


It was 6:30pm already, people started calling saying the were on their way to aunt Nina’s apartment she freaked out and took a shower she looked stunning, tight long red dress, black heels a cup of wine in her hand, a long statement necklace and a wonderful makeup she made by herself.

‘’Wow aunt Nina you look beautiful’’ – I said staring at her

‘’Aww thank you ladybug, but you don’t look beautiful yet so you better get ready’’ – she giggled and push me to my room.


I was already in the shower, I could here the ring bell on and on, I knew people were there already. I got out of the bathroom pretty quick; I sat in my makeup stand and started with my foundation, concealer, powder, bronze in my cheeks, black eye liner, and red lips. I put the dress on, and styled my hair as wavy as I could. I felt amazing with myself and in my own skin; it was one of those times when you just know you look GREAT. I put my favorite perfume ‘’Princess’’ by Vera wang on and walked out of my room.


‘’Finally there you are’’ – Aunt nina told me taking my hand making me go in direction to one of her guests.

‘’Wow is this Mandy?’’- a very attractive young man asked aunt nina.

‘’Yes, I am’’ – I answered instead of her.

‘’Nice to meet you Mandy, I’m Sean’’ – he replied having the ‘’courtesy’’ to give me a gentleman kiss in my right hand.

‘’Nice to meet you too Sean’’- I answered.

‘’Ladybug this is Sean, my best friend’s Lilly little brother remember?’’ – aunt Nina asked me.

‘’Ohh.. of course I remember, Sean, yeah, i’m so sorry, it’s been a while’’ – I smiled a little embarrassed at him.

‘’No worries, it’s been a lot actually, you look amazing tonight I may say with all respect.’’ – he was such a gentleman what was going on with the world?

‘’Why thank you, you look great as well’’ – i said. ‘’Excuseme a second I’ll get some wine’’ – I told him and went to the kitchen.


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