An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


64. Bride Drama.


Mandy’s P.O.V:

The sunlight was bright enough to woke me up, I yawned and stretched my arms, Harry wasn’t beside me, so  I rolled over his bed side just to feel like I was ruling the place for a sec.  I was feeling good, for some reason I felt I don’t know, happy?. Maybe it’s weird to even say that word with all the things going on lately but I just felt like that, and thank God, cause otherwise I’d become literally insane, keeping secrets and all the wedding stuff, I sighed out loud and then he came inside the room.

‘’Oh look who’s awake now!!’’ – he sang, with a tray full of fruits in his hands, I smiled at him nicely and helped him with the tray placing it on top of the covers, ‘’All that for me?’’ – I asked him naively, staring at the fruits all over the plate. He nodded, ‘’You surprised? You’re the one who’s always trying to eat light and low fat things so I thought It would be a good idea to start the day with things you love’’ – he was so sweet, and he was completely right, I’ve always loved that, it was just my conscience, I was suppose to eat for two now, I was suppose to feed myself responsibly and forget about how my body may or may not look, I shut and took some slices of fresh apples and ate it slowly.

‘’Babe, Cece called you’’ – he said as he brushed his hair

‘’Oh really?, what did she say?’’ – I managed to answer since I was almost choking with a piece of pineapple.

‘’She’s coming home, she wants to get things done, I want to get married in 4 days.’’  - My eyes were suddenly wide open, I wanted to make the wedding fast, I know, but that was horribly faster than i expected. ‘’Four days!!!??’’ – I yelled, ‘’Yup, four tiny days babe, I know it may sound crazy, but I just can’t wait to have the amazing Honey moon I have planned..’’ – he sounded so excited about the whole thing, like he had everything figured out. ‘’Well, if Mr. Styles wants four days, then we’ll make it in four days’’ – ‘’Sounds incredible huh? I just love you so much princess’’ – he replied planting the sweetest kiss in my forehead.

‘’Place?’’ – she asked politely, ‘’Well.. actually I’ve been thinking about something lately and I think I know the place I want.’’ – I told her, ‘’Oh really? That’s great, if so, you’re getting a huge weigh off my shoulders. ‘’ – I smiled at her and proceeded, ‘’Harry’s family have a very big house in a secluded place, but the place is gorgeous, a lot of green, trees, flowers, and it’s all wood, the house it’s made of wood, but it’s seriously amazing, I want everything to be done in there, the house have a guest-house in the back where all the guests can stay, so I think it would be great if we start getting the decoration done and everything, I’m getting married in 3 days.’’ – she had a very surprised face, you could tell by the way she was looking at me, she was thinking I was doing her job, but still, I was the bride. ‘’ I already have the food, the flowers, the centerpieces, the lights, all you asked it’s ready, even your dress’’ – she added calmly, I felt satisfied and pleased everything was ‘’set’’ apparently, I just had to make a test of the makeup and hair and that was it.

I went to try on my dress for the second time just to put a check mark on my list as -Dress (✓).

So I went to the shop where my dress was, aunt Nina went with me, just to have some kind of girl-to-girl time. She was sitting on a soft white couch that was where the dressing rooms were, I took my amazing and gorgeous  Vera Wang dress, white, strapless, tight in the torso area, and then all puffy in the ends, it was like having stolen some Disney Princess dress, it was perfect, I unzipped the case where it was in, took out the covers it had, and started putting it on, I needed some help with my zipper in the back so I called aunt Nina. ‘’Auntie, would you please come in?’’ – I yelled,  ‘’Oh my God ladybug, you look phenomenal!!’’ – she said with a tiny tear in her eye, I was staring at her through the mirror, I turned to her and hug her, ‘’Kay, now let’s get this done’’ – she said, trying to zip the dress in my back, I felt how she tried and tried, it was so tight I was almost loosing my breath, I couldn’t even feel my stomach. ‘’Mandy, this is not fitting you, I can’t even close this!’’ – she told me kind off worried, ‘’Did you really tried this on before?’’ – ‘’Ye-yeah, yeah, I did, maybe I just gain up some weight’’ – I mumbled, then smiled nervously. Of course the dress wouldn’t fit me, I was pregnant, the belly wasn’t noticeable yet, but I sure gained some pounds.

‘’We have to fix this honey, you’re getting married in 2 days’’ – she added, I sighed, I felt how I was quickly feeling the stress rushing everything, ‘’Yes, let’s call the lady, so we can tell her what’s going on..’’ – some minutes later the Asian girl came in, I was still in the amazing masterpiece (dress), I tried to sit a couple of times but it was helpless, I could barely walk in that, the funny thing is I tried that already and I used to look  per-fect, before, It definitely told me it was time for me to do something  ‘cause my belly was about to start blooming.

We explained everything to the girl, then Cece helped us a bit with fixing the problem, they said everything would be ready on time, so I just breathed deeply and let the stress go, I just really wanted the whole wedding over already. I wanted to be quite, in peace, in my home, with the love of my life, just being us.




//Tiny Author CHAT//

Sorry guys for being kinda late on posting the chapter, i was a little complicated with time, but promise you i'll be posting like i was before.  Remember to go and watch the trailer of this Movella, , also follow me on instagram @mandypaulino, thank you so much for your support, let's keep this rolling. 

Lots of Love.


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