An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


17. Amusement Park.



Mandy’s  P.O.V:


We finally arrived to the Amusement park; it was like a very cool bohemian fair. I could feel the joy and happiness of everyone in there. I knew it would be an amazing day. I saw the boys, Eleanor and Danielle sitting in a bench waiting for us. Niall saw me from the distance and screamed ‘’ARE YOUU GUYSS READY TO HAVE SOME FUN???’’ – he was definitely too excited about this whole thing

‘’haha, of course. Are you guys ready?’’ – I replied. 

‘’ HECK YEAAAAAAH’’ – Louis yelled at us.

We said hi to each other and went inside. All of a sudden a couple of teenage girls approached to us, screaming and literally freaking out. I was kind off ‘’what the hell is going on??’’ till’ I remembered I was hanging out with a very famous boy band.

‘’Oh gosh, great’’ – I mumbled. The boys were pretty nice at them, they took some pictures, signed a couple of autographs, everything normal in a life of a super star.

‘’Can I take a picture with you and Harry? PLEASEE?’’ – this blond girl asked me nicely

‘’umm ss..sure.’’ – I told her,  she put herself between me and harry and her friend took the picture.

‘’Oh my God, thank you so much guys, you are such a beautiful couple’’ – she said, while hugging us and running away, still screaming from excitement. Harry and I looked at each other and smiled.


‘’I wanna get in that ride NOWWW!!’’ – Louis yelled.

‘’which one? ‘’ – Liam asked

‘’Oh my God, THAT one?’’ – I said.

‘’Yeaah, that one’’ – Louis answered while pointing to a rollercoaster

‘’I.. I won’t get in there’’ – Harry said sounding nervous.

‘’why not babe? It will be fun!!’’ – I told him.

‘’I’m scared of heights, and rollercoasters really freak me out’’ – he whispered to me.

‘’Come on baby, it can’t be that bad, we’re all going in, would you try it for me? I’ll be there to catch you’’ – I giggled. He took a deep breath and said ‘’well you have to promise me, you won’t make fun of me’’

‘’haha, okay babe, I promise’’ – and kissed his forehead.


We were already in line to get in the ride, when I felt my phone buzzed, it was a text.


**Hey Mandy, I just wanted you to know that I miss you, and my life’s not the same without you, I know I ‘ve messed up, but I’m willing to take back my mistakes. Hope you forgive me. I love you. Mike**


I guessed my eyes were wide open, because of the reaction of harry, ‘’ Are you okay? What was that about?’’ – he asked me sounding concerned.

‘’Ohh, well, nothing important.’’ – I smiled at him.

‘’you sure?’’ – he was not that convinced I believed.

‘’Yeah babe’’ – and stroke his hand.


Oh my God, why is this guy sending me texts now?, it was like a huge stain in my day, when all was going just PERFECT.


It was our turn to get in the ride, Harry and me were in one little cart, Liam and Danielle together of course, Niall and Zayn in one, Eleanor and Louis in another.  They were all already screaming and laughing, it was such a nervous laugh, Harry was pretty anxious and nervous and I just tried to chill myself out after that text and simply enjoy the day with my loved one and my friends. 

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