An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


41. All over the place


Mandy’s P.O.V:


His apartment was amazing, seriously amazing, black and white, leather everywhere, a very nice mini bar, I completely loved the lightning, the pictures in the walls, and the breath taking smell of him filling the whole place. I was aware of this odd –different- new feeling I was having, for some reason everything felt so right at the same time, he looked so comfortable, like everything was just the way he wanted it to be, he was happy, he had that temptress smile in his face, and he kept asking me if I was okay, if I needed something, if I’d like to go to a certain place, and to be honest I just wanted to clear my mind up. So I took my phone and called Harry, he seemed to be pretty busy at the moment cause he didn’t pick it up. I slid the phone in my pocket and went back to the tv room and sat next to Zayn. Everything seemed to be normal, we watched some tv, ate some chips, got some iced tea, and a couple of candies, we laughed a lot, and simply talked as ‘’friends’’ would, he had that smile all the time, and I knew he wanted to tell me something but he didn’t. it got a little late and things were just getting to the time for me to go back home, ‘’it’s getting late..’’ – ‘’Yeah, I guess I should take you home’’ – he replied putting his hands in his tight front pockets, I smiled and went for my purse.

We got inside his car and our way to Harry’s apartment was a little quite, ‘’This is a little awkward.’’ – I said breaking the silence ‘’Oh no don’t feel like that, I was just a little lost in my thoughts’’ – he said nicely, our eyes met for a second and we both smiled, ‘’I had such a lovely day with you Mandy’’ , ‘’I had a great time as well Zayn, thank you for inviting me over’’ – ‘’Thank you for coming’’, the sky was dark already, he had both of his hands on the wheel, the street’s light illuminated his face so gracefully like some kind of movie scene, his hair looked flawless and his perfume was all over the place.


I was finally home, I knew ‘cause he stopped me from daydreaming saying ‘‘you’re home’’, I shook my head, smiled and took off the seatbelt, he got off the car and opened the door for me, taking my hand so I could step out of the car safely, I guess..


‘’Well, I hope you have a goodnight’’

‘’I already had a great night, sleep tight mandy’’


We were facing each other right in front of the lobby of Harry’s building, I was about to hug him goodnight when all of a sudden I felt the most gentle-lovely and soft kiss in my lips, I literally froze in time, he was the one who separated himself from me, I stood still, with my mouth shut, I know this was pretty disturbing for him, cause all I did was basically NOTHING, no yelling, no pushing back, no surprise, no talking, nothing. I was simply staring at him with my hand covering my mouth like a little girl.


‘’I’m sorry, I had to.’’ – he whispered, I simply nodded and said ‘’kay, Goodnight Zayn.’’ – He looked at me like expecting me to say something else but still he didn’t say a thing about it  ‘’Goodnight M’’.


he turned around, I watched him going inside his car, and driving away.  In my walk to the elevator I felt pretty bad inside, I felt something related to sadness, disappointment, a knot in my stomach and I felt terribly wrong, but for some reason above all that I felt glad he kissed me, cause after all, I did nothing to avoid it or stop it, I enjoyed every second of it, and I hated the twisted thought in my mind that I would love to do it again.


I went inside the elevator, I didn’t even saw myself at the mirror I didn’t want to even stare at my face, I felt bad, bad because Harry which is the love of my life doesn’t deserve that at all, he’s been always trying to make my everyday a better day, his love is and means everything to me, we’ve been through a lot already, our relationship is as best as it can be, we have a story together, we’ve been through this kind of episodes before and I already know how they end, I fear, I’m scared of loosing harry again.


I took my keys from the bottom of my purse and opened the door, he wasn’t home, everything was dark enough, he loved everything very illuminated, I turned on a couple of the lights around the apartment, took off my shoes, throw away my purse, charged my phone and went to the kitchen, I needed some tea. I had my head like a burning candle, melting thoughts, I didn’t know if I should cry, I didn’t know if I should act normal, all I knew is that I wasn’t going to tell him, I’m sure Zayn wouldn’t either. I grabbed a red mug and served the tea, i sat in the couch in front of the tv for a while, and as soon as I got tired of watching nothing, I went to take a shower and straight to bed.


Like an hour and a half of me sleeping I felt his body laying softly right next to me, summing the right side of the bed, and kissing softly my cheek, I kept my eyes closed, I didn’t want to face him and lie to him with my eyes, I needed to sleep, and try to pretend nothing happened but yet I had to fight with the feelings I was having for Zayn.


Zayn’s P.O.V:


I kissed her, I think I made the biggest mistake, and watching her stand in front of me, with nothing coming out of her mouth but silence, killed me, I was confused, I didn’t know what to think, did she liked it?, was she mad?, will she ever talk to me again?, will she tell Harry?, Does she hates me now?, I felt awful, but I don’t regret kissing her, the energy, the intensity I could feel in her lips, was like pure magic, the texture of her lips, the heat coming from them, I know I probably messed it up, but I’m happy I did it.

I can’t wait to see her, or at least speak to her, I want to make sure she’s not mad at me, I don’t want our whatever it is of friendship gets ruined because of this.

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