An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


52. Adventure?


‘’You’re going to Paris Ladybug!!, isn’t that great?’’ – Aunt nina yelled and for some reason she made this kind of awkward clapping stuff, ‘’Ye-yeah, great!!’’ – I responded trying to make believe them I was smiling, ‘’We can’t waste time!!, I can’t way to get in this adventure already’’ – ‘’Definitely so take us to your room, we can pack for you’’ – Elena said agreeing with Sammy, all that was seriously surreal, Sammy and Elena in LONDON? That was clearly their first time in here, it was kind of adorable watching them like little girls staring at aunt Nina’s apartment, staring down the street, taking pictures of everything, when I say everything I literally mean everything, it reminded me of when I came here for the first time as well, I was blown away, I was so excited, so full of energy but most of all, full of love.


They both dragged me to my room, Sammy went inside my walking closet, she realized almost everything was packed, ‘’Why everything’s on bags?’’ – she asked innocently, ‘’Aww, you felt we were coming for you, didn’t you?’’- Elena added, ‘‘incredible how you know me so well!!’’- I replied to them, It’s not that I was trying to hide or keep everything from them, I know the Harry subject will pop out at any time, of course who wouldn’t ask about your boyfriend? Or Fiancée?. I basically avoided talking about that, knowing it will happen anyway, but it was too soon for me to ruin the atmosphere with my depression, I was really looking forward to have some fun, and clear out my mind for some days, and having them here would help a lot.


It was hard enough already to pretend I wasn’t missing him, and stop myself from wanting to call him or text him.


I went inside the walking closet made some superficial look of the bags I took from Harry’s place the night before and made a new Paris bag, ‘’I think this will be enough, I want to make some Paris shopping’’ – I said whilst carrying the medium heavy bag and putting it over my bed, ‘’That’s the Mandy we know’’ – Elena said winking at me.


I had my bag ready already, but I never thought those girls were as crazy as they are, we were literally going to Paris, THAT DAY, guess aunt Nina, had something to do with that, with the plane tickets, cause Sammy has always been scared to take trains, so we flew to
Paris that afternoon.

We were in the airport already, like three little girls lost in a dream, you could see us holding hands like a chain, with our bags in the floor, just admiring the beautifulness of the little things we saw.


‘’There’s a taxi!!’’ – Sammy shouted, we got in the taxi and for some reason they (Sammy and Elena) knew where we were going, they had everything set. ‘’Let’s go to Hôtel Notre Dame sir please’’ – Elena ordered the taxi man handing some brochure.  We had a hotel already? wasn’t this all an adventure? ‘’Notre Dame Hotel?’’ – I asked in a low voice to them, ‘’Yeah we had reservations already’’ – Elena responded, Sammy was reading some book on our way to the Hotel, and thinking about the hotel well, I thought It was you know that kind of little hotels where you just go to sleep after being a tourist all day in the city, a low budget hotel.


We finally arrived to the place, to my surprise It was nothing like I thought it was, it had a simple façade, a nice European restaurant right in front of it we just had to cross the street. We got our room keys, I was still impressed of the decoration, furniture, lighting, and luxury, the bell man helped us with our luggage, ‘’Here’s your room’’ – he said with an amazing French accent, he opened the door and I was shocked, I had my mouth wide open, for some reason the girls seemed as shocked as me, but they quickly changed their faces, which I found weird.


Elena let herself fall over the bed facing the ceiling, ‘’Gosh, this is amazing girls’’  - ‘’I can’t believe we’re in Paris together’’ – Sammy said whilst jumping in her bed, I was standing like a fool staring at them, with no clue, I think was then when I realized I was in France, in a fancy hotel, with my two best friends.

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