An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


28. 5 months later..


Mandy’s P.O.V:


**It’s been 5 months since I left London, I can’t believe it, soo fast. I’m so so sorry I haven’t write you, i’ve been very busy moving in the United States to study photography deeper, you know how much I love it, plus I had to deal with tons of things, you know, papers, getting all my stuff out of home, dealing with VISA and passport. Mom and Dad? they’re fine, they are taking it as good as they can, mom gets a little paranoid sometimes but that’s what mothers do I believe. I’ve been missing you so much, you can’t imagine, I know I’ve failed at writing you and calling you, but honestly since I left London, my life has been a rollercoaster ride. Mike? Well you knew he wasn’t gonna stop chasing me, once I got home he simply showed everyday at my door with flowers, chocolates and romantic movies, I guess I tried, we went out a couple of nights but that was it, I wasn’t going to lie to him, I didn’t love him, and I wasn’t enjoying it either. Harry? Oh lord, that’s quite a thing. What to say about him? We’ve talked, not like we used to which is really sad and pitiful, guess things just got harder because  we weren’t in the same country anymore, so things got colder and colder, I still love him, and you don’t know how much I miss him wish I could see him again someday. And about my life in here, well it’s been different, interesting, I bought a car, I have my own little apartment nothing like yours of course haha, but I’m getting along with myself. Enough about me, now tell me about you, how you been?  I love youuu so much aunt Nina. Xx




I closed my laptop and put it in my desktop. ‘’Oh God it’s only 4:30pm’’ – I said to myself. I was pretty tired of classes and road trips to improve our photography skills, don’t get me wrong I love taking pictures, I love being in nature and enjoy the sun but it’s way better when you chose how-when you go. Guess I will always be the type of person that hate when others have control of your time, that happens when you’re free spirit. The positive thing about all this photography thing is that I’m almost done, only 3 classes left and I’m free of teachers.


I put my workout clothes on, took my iPod, and went jogging. Since I moved here in L.A. I got my workout routines back. I enjoy the spring-summer breeze blowing my hair, the colors of the flowers, and feeling that rush you get when you’re exercising.


I stopped in a bakery, I wanted to get certain things.

‘’Hey Mandy, Good afternoon, what would you like to get today?’’ ‘’Same old thing Mrs. Parker’’  I smiled at her.

‘’Great!, it will be 2 nutella cupcakes, 2 fat free croissants, and a Protein shake to go’’ –she said

‘’That’s what it is Mrs. Parker’’ – I answered while taking my protein shake, (she made the best shakes ever).


I took my stuff and said: ‘’See you tomorrow Mrs. Parker, have a great day’’ – ‘’You too dear, you too’’.


I was walking back home when I felt my phone buzz.

‘’Hello?’’ – I answered.

‘’Hey Mandy, what are you doing tonight?’’ –

‘’Oh hey Sean, tonight? Well nothing actually, why? Have some ideas?’’ – I replied

‘’Definitely, I feel like eating some meat tonight, you’re an amazing cook so you could help me do some BBQ, I’m inviting the girls and the boys over, what do you think?’’ – he said.

‘’Sounds great, I’ll be there in 2hrs.’’

‘’Awesome, see you then.’’


I got home put the cupcakes and the croissants in my breadbasket. I needed to hurry so I could arrive early at Sean’s.


Who’d say that we’ll end up being close?, it’s not like we’re best friends but he’s definitely not the creepy stalker guy that I met in Christmas Eve 6 months ago. When I arrived to L.A. he contacted me, I still don’t know how, but for some reason he knew I was coming and I was coming to stay, so we met up in a coffee shop and talked for a while, he was the only person I knew in town back then so I was friendly and kept him as a good friend.


I took a shower, put my light denim shorts on, and a white chiffon top, it was getting hotter in L.A. so I needed to stay fresh since I was helping to cook. I grabbed the keys of the car ran to it.


I turned on the air conditioner and the radio, I was changing the stations, till’ I got tired of pushing the bottom.


‘’…Find out what went wrong without blaming each other, think that we got more time, when we’re falling behind, gotta make up our minds.. Or else we'll play, play, play all the same old games and we wait, wait, wait for the end to change and we take, take, take it for granted that we’ll be the same but we're making all the same mistakes..’’  - ‘’Oh my God’’ – I said putting my hand in my mouth making myself shut immediately I was happily singing a One direction song, I don’t remember the last time I heard one, I didn’t let myself sit and listen Harry’s voice, it made me miserable, and made my world break into pieces automatically. I turned off the radio, and stopped the car. I took a deep breath, my heart was beating faster as seconds passed by, I was frozen till a call broke the ice.


‘’Mandy? Are you coming?’’ – Sean asked

‘’Ye..yeaah, I’m on my way already.’’ – I stuttered

‘’Umm, kay then, the BBQ and I are waiting for your helping hands’’ – he said.

‘’Oh sure, don’t worry I’m almost there’’ – I said while trying to smile.

‘’alrighty see ya’’



I hung up the phone and shook my head. ‘’Come on, you gotta move on’’ – I whispered while turning the engine of the car on.






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