An Impossible Love

Mandy met the love of her life, by fate,Harry styles. Everything happened through Skype, will that be the beginning of something real?


37. 5 Again


It was our last day in L.A. specially my last, and I was sad cause I couldn’t say goodbye to basically none of my friends Sammy and Elena were in Florida some kind of work stuff, Sean just made his appearance and the other boys were being just boys out there, so it was Harry and Me, his curls were prettier than ever his voice was sweeter than ever his love was stronger than ever, and my desire of him was higher than ever.


He interrupted my wild-deep thoughts of him saying: ‘’Babe everything’s packed we better sleep now, we’re leaving early’’  - ‘’Yeah, sweetheart, let’s cuddle’’ – I replied.


We had already our pjs on so we basically jumped to bed, and stayed there just thinking about how everything will be from tomorrow on.

I felt how he gently took my hand and stroke it softly ‘’I hope you’re not scare of changes’’ – he whispered ‘’of course not’’ – I whispered back ‘’Good then, cause a lot will change’’ – he replied, ‘’I know, I know…’’


We must have been pretty exhausted cause all I remember from last night was saying ‘’I know’’ to harry and apparently falling asleep to now, it’s 5:10am and we’re already on our way to the airport, I feel such a mix of emotions, seeing L.A pass me by, saying ‘’See you later’’ to my ‘’Life routine’’ it was kinda sad. ‘’Stop the car here please!’’ – I ordered Harry nicely. He slowly stopped the car and I went down, I knew she used to wake-up this early to open up the bakery I just wanted to say bye to her, I wouldn’t leave without telling her.

‘’Oh sweetie, what are you doing here this early?’’

‘’Hi Mrs. Parker’’ – I replied hugging her

‘’I stopped here, cause I didn’t want to leave without saying goodbye to you’’

‘’Goodbye? Are you leaving?’’- she asked, I nodded, ‘’I’m moving to London, my flight it’s today in a couple of hours’’.  She had this amazing smile in her face and asked me ‘’Are you leaving with the boy you told me? Harry?’’ – I laughed a bit, ‘’Yes Mrs. Parker, we’re back together now’’

‘’ If you love something set it free, if it comes back its yours, if not, it was never meant to be..’’ – she Responded.

‘’You were completely right, Thank you so much for all you’ve done to me… I’ll miss you so much’’ – I told her. ‘’Oh sweetheart I’ll miss you too, have an amazing life together, hope everything works out for you’’ – she said whilst hugging me, I looked her in the eyes trying to keep my tears, ‘’Goodbye Mrs. Parker’’ – ‘’Goodbye Mandy’’. I let go of her old soft hands and turned around, Harry was waiting for me in the car, it was sad but I was truly happy about my decision of going with Harry it was necessary, it was the next step in our relationship, if we wanted it to work.


‘’Are you okay love?’’.

‘’Yes babe, I just wanted to say bye to her, she’s .. special.’’ – I mumbled.

‘’Well now we’re ready to go’’


i kissed his right cheek and focused in the road, we got to the airport everything normal, our flight was LONG, but having his hand by my side calmed everything that could make me sad.


Getting out of the airport waiting for the boys to pick us up, reality hit me, there was a HUGE mass of people waiting for Harry to arrive, photographers, a whole bunch of paparazzi, girls screaming everywhere, people shouting. Everything seemed so ‘’normal’’ back in US, that I completely forgot that little detail of the story, I freaked out a little, Harry noticed it so he just held my hand and gave me his jacket so I could cover up my face from all the annoying flashes. ‘’Harry, Mandy come one guys look over here!!’’ – ‘’Oh my god!!! Harry!!!’’  - ‘’Harry, Mandy, are you guys back together?’’- those where a piece of the million questions this reporters who were also part of the airport party asked us during our running to Liam’s car.


The airport security helped us to get quickly in the car, our luggage was in hands of someone Harry hired, I don’t know, all I know is everything was in his hands.


‘’WELCOME HOME LOVEBIRDS!!’’- ‘’HAZZAAAAA!!’’ – ‘’FINALLYY!!!’’ –‘’YESS now let’s get something to eat’’-  Liam, Louis, Zayn and of course Niall said.


I was so happy to see them all I did was hugging them all as I could inside the car.


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