My LIfe Would Suck Without You

Five friends make it big on a local Tv show. They no sooner find out they are going on tour with none other than One Direction. Chloe tries to keep Zayn at arms length scared of his devilish good looks and charm that he will only come to hurt the mean time she also has to fear for Kali her best friend, who is normally the most strong and fearless, from getting mixed up. Kali is blinded by Louis simply awestruck by his charm, but is terrified if it will ruin her career. Kali tries to restrain herself but cant resist. Sam and Harry blossom fast, maybe a little to fast, because Sam gets nervous. Kayla is sexy and tempting pulling Liam in one blink at a time, does the good boy fall for the bad girl? Bailey and Niall have no issues hitting it off, none at all, but does Bailey's frail and eager heart get the best of her again? Read to learn about the other charactors and find out what the girls choose.


4. Some Win and Some Lose

Sam's POV

Harry hit his face on the floor next to me. I laughed and helped him up. He looked hurt and not just because he smacked his face on the floor, his face turned a new shade of pink and he sat back in his chair. Morgan tapped my shoulder and I turned to her. She held out a piece of paper, small and crumpled laying in her hand like a dead rodent. She looked at it with complete and utter disgust. "Do you see this?!" she started crying tears falling from her brown eyes, "He dumped me with a note!" Morgan was one of our dancers and she was a sweet girl, I myself had become quite close to her over the past few weeks. The worst part was, was that her and her, now ex, Greg we're planning on getting married this coming spring. She threw the piece of paper down onto the tile and stormed out of the room.

Morgan's POV

I was a mess, a complete and utter mess. My mascara was seeping underneath my eyelids in thick streams and my face was getting puffy. I ran to the foyer and just laid on the couch, yanking the multicolored throw pillow up to my face, muffling my sobbing. I had never felt this abandoned in my life. The one person I trusted had just crushed my heart.

Kali's POV

He moved closer to me, slowly putting his hands closer to my waist. His eyes watched me, as if asking me if he could touch me. I watched his hands finally settle on my sides. I drew in a shaky breath, I looked him back in his soulful eyes. He carefully leaned in and settled his forehead against mine. Our lips were centimeters apart, but I didn't want any space between them at all. He closed his eyes and smiled, still setting his head firmly onto my forehead. I acted on impulse, I shouldn't have done it, but I did.

Louis POV

She was delightful. Just her presence in the room comforted me, relaxed me, I felt peaceful. I pushed my head against her forehead and just stood there. I held her firmly at the waist with my shaky hands. I closed my eyes taking in the smell of her. She smelt like warm vanilla and fresh fruits. I thought I had probably weirded her out, but I didn't. Instead she wrapped her gentle arms around my own waist and leaned up. Our lips just touched at first, sitting there. I worked up enough nerve to actually kiss her 10 seconds later.

Liam's POV

Kayla batted her black eyelashes at me and smiled. I was amazed by her. She sat there with such utter confidence that it came across a man as striking. I stood frozen in my steps with a stupid grin glued to my face. My eyes swept from her feet back up to her face. "You're in the group that's opening for us on your right?" I asked almost half stammering my words, I felt drunk. I don't drink but I have seen the other guys. My speech was slurring, I was starting to sweat, I couldn't think right. "Yeah we are." I felt like a child standing before my school crush.

Kayla's POV

He was starting to sweat from staring at me. I felt jittery, butterflies danced inside my stomach. I stood up my black stilettos clicking against the floor. I set a hand on his broad shoulder and he watched me do it. His gaze crept back up to my face moments later. "Wanna grab dinner tonight, before we leave I mean?" I asked biting my lip. "S-s-sure" I giggled and kissed his cheek. One thing I learned from being friends with with the girls to always leave them wanting more, so I turned around and started to walk away. Before I was fully out of the room I leaned against the door jamb and said, "be ready by 8" and walked to my dressing room smiling.

Chloe's POV

I raised my eyebrows at him and he threw his arms up in defeat. "that's what I thought." I made my fingers into a gun and blew away the invisible smoke, he chuckled and lowered his hands i started to walk away when he grabbed my shoulder. I didn't like being grabbed so I yelped and grabbed my shoulder. He drew his hand back and instantly started to apologize. He didn't stop either, he finally gripped me into a hug and wouldn't let go. "Zayn! Let me go!" he didn't hesitate. "Thank you." he nodded sadly, I felt bad so I leaned in and hugged him.

Zayn's POV

I wrapped my arms around her waist and she settled her head against my shoulder. Before I could enjoy it she pulled away and smirked at me, "Don't get your hopes up" and she turned on her heel and walked away only turning back once to laugh a little. I chuckled and ran after her.

Niall's POV

I found Bailey fumbling with a guitar. She was gently strumming the guitar, the notes that played off of it were slow and peaceful. I walked over to her and sat down. I wrapped my arms around her and led her hands. Helping her to strum the guitar. She smiled and leaned her head back a little, leaning into me. I smiled and started to sing, she joined me and we sat there for a few minutes singing a song that was all to familiar to me.

Bailey's POV

Niall's strong arms were wrapped tightly around me, securing my fingers to the guitar strings. We sang together, hearing his voice made me crazy. I wanted to be with him do badly. Just yesterday Kali had told me the there was a rumor going around that we, The Right Way, were the female version of One Direction. I didn't believe her, I just kind of laughed it off and walked away, but the look on Kali's face was serious. She took my hand and said we should never date them if they asked. I was furious with her, but she had a point, it wouldn't have been professional. But I have a feeling deep inside Kali won't follow through with her promise, she was crazy about Lou, just like I was crazy about Niall.

Kali's POV

I'm a hypocrite. I told Bailey it wouldn't be professional, but here I am, locking lips with the most amazing man alive. We both eventually pulled away, awkwardly looking at the floor. He was blushing, clearly overwhelmed. He finally looked back up at me, his face a lighter shade of pink now, "Want to join me for dinner?" he asked excitedly, "I don't know" I said running into my dressing room and locking the door behind me. I leaned up against it, slowly sliding to the floor. A tear fell down my cheek, had I just ruined my chances with Louis?
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