Not Like The Movies

Kelsha or Kat is a ordinary teenager living an ordinary life until she hears One Direction moves into town but she isn't too sure its really them until she goes over to their house to welcome them but when she arrives will she regret it?


3. why did you do that?!

Liams P.O.V.
I was driving in the car and then I saw her, she walking away from our hous then when she saw me park and help Dani out of the car she turned around and ran to the middle of the street, and stopped saw a car comming and ran across the rest of the street. Was she okay?! She. Had hit her head on the mailbox of the house across the street. It all went downhill from there, I spent an few more hours with Dani not once did she ask about Kat so I let it escape my mind. And as I did I got a text from Kat saying "Can you help me?." It was a kind of odd text message. Once Dani had left I decided to text Kat and I asked her where she was she told me she was in a park not far from here, within walking distance but that her head was still fuzzy and that he should come there. So I left our house told the boys I was going out. "You okay?" That was Niall. "Yeah I'm fine" I said, smiled and walked out of the door. I found her leaning up against my tree, her tree, our tree looking flustered? Sad? Puzzled! So I walked up to her and said "What happened?!" I could tell something was wrong. "Nothing!" She smiled, I'm pretty sure that was a lie, I shrugged it off. "Well can I ask you something?" I asked. "Sure" " came the reply. "Why did you run across the street it almost gave me a heartattack" I asked. "Well...I-I don't really know I just ran I guess I thought you wern't gonna bring Danielle here I don't even know but I'm really sorry." Kats P.O.V.
I wasn't sure if I could continue talking my head hurt like crazy I think I hit it couldn't remember. Oh well I needed to ask him some questions that couldn't wait. "Liam. Why was Danielle here?" I asked. He just looked at me with those perfect brown eyes, "I- She's my girlfriend Kat, " he replied. I didn't know how to respond, of course she was! I had just forgotten, how could I be so stupid?! "Liam are you going to stay with her?" I asked I asked . "Of course! I love her! I gave her a promise ring and we've been talking ab-" he stopped he could see I was taken aback. So he said "well I mean I-I don't really know". I sat there staring at him I knew he could see I was hurt, "you do too know. I know you meant what you said. Its okay, really" I said finally. I didn't want it to be true but it was. I went home that night he walked me home. "Goodnigt." He said to me. I gave him a hug and fell instantly asleep as I got in my bed.
Liams P.O.V.
After I told her goodnight I went home and fell asleep. I woke the next morning and went downstairs to see none other than, Danielle, I dreaded going downstairs I didn't know why either.I just did. I told her goodmorning and asked why she was here so early. She told me she wanted to see me but at that moment I had forgotten about Kat. After a few hours I got a text message, but I didn't know it because Dani had read it while I was in the kitchen. She came storming in and said "Who the heck is Kat?!" She had said it rather loudly. "Myy firend Dani calm down! Its okay!" I said calmly. "Oh yeah?! When she saw me did you say that to her too?!" She was yelling now. "Dani! Its-" I was cut off "No, were done! Forever won't last forever like we said it would if you do this!" She yelled over me. "No! Danielle! Listen to me! She is my friend you can't get mad at me for having friends you have friends that are boys! I don't do this!" With. That Dani turned n her heels and stormed out of our house. So I texted Kat and said "why did you text me? Now I don't have a girlfriend. What did you do?!" There was no reply for a long time. When there was it said was shocking. "Liam if you think this is my fault you are wrong! Its not my fault she's over sensitive!" It only surprised me because I had forgotten what I had said. So I called her and when noone picked up I left a message saying I was sooo sorry.
Kats P.O.V.
I couldn't belive he'd called can't stay mad at Liam though he's too adorable! it was Friday again, once my mom and stepdad had left I decided to call him back but no one answered, weird. Then I heard a knock on my door, who could that be at 9:00PM?! I answered the door and it was Liam, of course! He was holding a purple bouqet of flowers and I stepped outside so my brother wouldn't see Liam with flowers id just get made fun of for it. "What Liam?" He looked at me, I know that look. I had known him for around two months now. He handed me the flowers and then put his arms around me and gave me a hug I said I forgive him and went inside to sleep. I suddenly woke to the sound of someone knocking on my window "ughhh Randy" I said to myself as I pulled my curtains aside, it was Randy my stepdad. I shut my curtains and got dressed and did my makeup and went out front. "Randy how'd you do that?!" I asked he didn't repond, just kept working Iin the front yard . So I told him I was going out to the park. And instead I walked to Liams and I knocked on that all to familiar door and this thime it was Zayn who answered and he gathered up all the boys and they all said "Hi. Were One Direction." It was amazing seeing it in person so I smiledand said "Hi!! Mind if I come in?" They stepped aside and let me in, El was there I said hi and smiled "Hey I'm Eleanor you can call me El." She said. "Hey I'm Kelsha you can call me Kat." I replied and sat down on the couch we all watched TV together I had Liam on my left and Harry on my right we were watchin Ridiculousness. "Want to go to Nando's with us?" That was Liam who had spoken. "Id love too but if people see us eating together won't they, you know, get mad?"
Liams P.O.V.
I made her come with us I told her its worth it because she's my best friend. She looked taken aback when I said best friends but that was probably just my imagination. After we ate she called her mom to tell her she was comming home. I checked my phone after she had left and to my surprise I had a text from Danielle I don't know why I still had her name as Dani:)<3 ugh! So I changed it and went to see what she said it read "Liam! Really so you go to Kat cause I dump you?! Pathetic." Ouch! That hurt! I didn't reply I texted Kat and told her what she'd said so I decided to do something that I might regret because of hate or the response.
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