Not Like The Movies

Kelsha or Kat is a ordinary teenager living an ordinary life until she hears One Direction moves into town but she isn't too sure its really them until she goes over to their house to welcome them but when she arrives will she regret it?


2. Deja vu

Sorry for the P.O.V mess ups in Chapter one.

Liams P.O.V She sat down next to me and was silent not one sound escaped her lips. We sat in scilence for a few minutes until "what's wrong why are you so...flustered?" Came from her. I didn't feel like I totally trusted her yet I only knew her for two days so I finally decided on my answer, "N-nothing its nothing.". She gave me that look that said 'I know that's a lie' I sighed and didn't look at her. She was looking at me I could tell, she put her hand on my shoulder, I shrugged it off. She pulled me. So I was facing her, "what's really wrong, you can trust me." She said putting her hand firmly on my shoulder. I looked at her. I couldn't hold it in any longer "Technical Difficulties?" He tried. "Liam, what's wrong?!" She sounded concered now even more than before. "I need to think things through!" I said quietly. She suddenly stood up. "Stand up." She said. "Why?!" I asked in alarm. "I need to show you something!" So I got up, we walked for a walke until we got to a feild with trees and a baseball park and across the street was a park. That can't be good. But instead we stopped. Next to a big tree. I looked at her, puzzled.. she showed me that you could sit in the tree and be comfortable. "This is my favourtie place to go when I'm stressed, its got A LOT of memories, me and my friends used to call it the makeout tree, where we were "Planning" to kiss our crushes, didn't happen." Ok? A little weird but ok. So she with that she left me, alone to think. I gave her my number so if she needed to tell me something or ask before came over she could directley talk to me.

Kats P.O.V. I decided to not call him that night. The week flew by until it was Friday after school and I decided to finally call him. "Hello?" Came the answer, "Hey!! You're Amazing!" I replied "Kat!! Hi how come you didn't call all week?" He asked. "Can I come over today?" I asked. "Yeah come on over!" He replied happily. I came at around six. Once I got there I knocked on the door and I saw the door slowly open and a face slowly peer around to the front of the door it was the smiling face of Loui and it was followed with laughter from the boys "Hello there!" He said comming out from behind the door. "Is Liam here?" I asked. "Nope he isn't I'll tell him you stopped by though okay?" He said. I was dissapointed but I said okay and turned around and walked back to my house, slowly. Then I saw a familiar face apear, blurry, but familiar. It was Liam he had come back! I was excited I walked up to the aproaching car and then I realized, he wasn't alone. I looked at his smiling face and he saw me, he stared at me and then looked back to the road ignoring me he parked in his driveway, got out and opened the passenger door for the mystery person. A all to familliar face apeared. Danielle. I turned on my heels and crossed the street I looked both ways but I hadent realized there was a car comming! I ran as fast as I could and I barely made it across the street! I had hit my head, hard so I sat down, breathless, Liam ran over and Danielle just stood there. Wow. Liam helped me up and made sure I was ok and sent me on my way. What had happened to our plans? Oh well but instead of going home I went to my favourite place and sat because as I got there I realized how dizzy I was and everything had gotten fuzzy.

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