Not Like The Movies

Kelsha or Kat is a ordinary teenager living an ordinary life until she hears One Direction moves into town but she isn't too sure its really them until she goes over to their house to welcome them but when she arrives will she regret it?


4. Crazy

Ok Readers don't get me wrong I love Danielle it's just a fictional story I do not dislike her at all

Kats P.O.V I was sitting, working on homework when suddenlyy my music stopped and my phone started playing "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry I picked it up and the name haden't even come up and it stopped. Weird. I don't know how long I sat there, staring at my phone. My phone buzzed and rang again. It was Liam when "Wide Awake" came on I jumped and picked up my phone and answered it. "Helloo?" I answered. "Hey!!!" Came the reply, that wasn't Liam! "Who is this?" I asked. A different voice came on, it was Liam. "Its Liam silly! Can you meet me at my house later? " he said. "Sure!" I replied! We said our goodbye's and hung up. I put on skinny jeans and a One Direction t-shirt and then I realized! It was Liam's birthday! I had to go 1 I went to his house and as soon as he came up I yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY DIRECTION!! I love you!!" And cuaght him off gaurd, then I gave him a big hug. I couldn't belive I got to become so close to Liam Payne and now he was 19! Well I know I'll. Never date him I am only 13. Sad face.. "Hey!! Come here!" He said walking away excitededly. We walked to our favourite place. I sat down on the left branch of the tree he stood below me and looked up at me. "I need to ask you something" he sounded rushed. "Sure! Anything!" I replied. "Um uhh wil you uhh maybe " he stopped and took a deep breath. I looked down at him, confused. "Will you be my girlfreind? Maybe?" He said really fast and looked down. Oh my gosh! Liam Payne had just asked me out!

Liam's P.O.V Crap! Was that a no?! I knew it! My legs failed me and I sat down and looked at the ground. "Liam, I told you before, I llove you! Of corse!" Her voice had barely floated down to me. What? I looked up at her she had gotten down. "Hey Kat, its not my birthday..." I looked up at her and laughed a little. "Oh man! You're kidding!" She said. "Nope I've been 19 scince August 29th." I relplied. "Aw man! Well crap I'm sorry!" she twirled her hair. Well now I had a girlfriend!! I smiled to myself. "Sorry blonde moment! I even wrote Dadddy Direction on my wrist on August 29th." Oh wow. I thought to myself, I smiled trying to hold back laughter. She was next to me now so I got up and we walked back to my house and sat on my porch swing. I needed to go to sleep! I walked her home and fell asleep as soon as I got home. I decided to go over to her house I wasn't sure if that was a good or bad decision. I knocked on the door praying Kat answerd. I saw the unfamiliar face of, her mom? "Hi I'm Liam I'm in uh One Direction is Kat there? To my suprise she acctually invited me in telling me she was down the hall. I found her straighten8ing her hair. I came up behind her and hugged her. "Woah! Of all the people I thought would come over I never expected it'dd be you!" She smiled. She picked up her black sraightner and continued straightening her hair so once she put it down again I grabbed it. And I started straightening her hair.

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