Not Like The Movies

Kelsha or Kat is a ordinary teenager living an ordinary life until she hears One Direction moves into town but she isn't too sure its really them until she goes over to their house to welcome them but when she arrives will she regret it?


6. Betrayed

Kats POV

"Liam Why won't you answer me I've tried to call you three times already!" I left a voicemail this time. I walked out of my small wooden dorr frame and out of our brick house and down the familiar streets around the familiar corners until I reached the light blue house with the familiar big wooden door. I walked up the cement steps. I knocked on the door rather loudly. I saw it open and Zayn's tan face apear.

"Zayn! Hi!" I asked trying to sound happy.

"Hey! Kat! I'll go get Liam" he replied with his huge adorable smile. I saw Liams perfect face apear and walk towards me and out the door to his porch swing. We sat down.

"Why didn't you answer any of my calls?!" I asked trying to at least sound calm.

"Kat I-" "You what?!" "I didn't answer you because Hazza had my phone!!" He replied frusturated.

"Liam, I'm sorry I'm not mad at you, I just-uh-lost all of my friends except the one I was telling you about the all walked out the door when I needed them most. They left me Liam, They're gone" I whispered. My eyes started to sting I felt my face get hot and a warm salty tear fall down my cheek and land on my London hoodie.

"Kat, It's okay! I'm here Autum is there for you why dont you call her and have her come meet us!" He said. I picked up my little blue phone and dialed her number.

"Hello?" "Hey Autum! Want to come meet One Direction now?" "Hell Yeah!" "Ok I'll meet you at my house cuz u don't know where theres is. ok bye Boo!" "Bye Boo!" and with that she hung up.

"Boo? Really?" Liam snickered. I hit his arm gently.

"You're just jelous!" I replied and wiggled my eyebrows. He raised one. "Pshhhhhhh! Jelous me? no! Pshh girl you cray cray!" He replied. We walked back to my house. Once we saw Autum we walked back to the boys house with her hypervenilating the whole way. We got all of the boys to come out and Autum alomst fainted. She hugged Liam then Loui, then Zayn, Then Niall, and finally Harry she gave him the biggest hug I've ever seen. Harry had been staring at her scince she got here, weird.

"Autum right? I'm Harry! It's nice to meeet you! You are very pretty! How would you like to go out to dinner with me?" Harry asked. Autum stared up at him speechless all she could do was smile and nod. After they left the rest of the boys went to Nandos and me and Liam stayed home.

"L-liam, come looke at this" I panted, crying.

"What is it? Who the hell sent you that?! That's so mean!" He replied looking at the text I had gotten from my "friend" Clara it read: Hey. Your secrets got out i guess i just slipped. sorry :))"

what the heck?!


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