Not Like The Movies

Kelsha or Kat is a ordinary teenager living an ordinary life until she hears One Direction moves into town but she isn't too sure its really them until she goes over to their house to welcome them but when she arrives will she regret it?


1. You're Killing Me On The Inside Love

Kats P.O.V I was sitting on my bed looking at my IPod looking at all my apps and decided on Sims 3 Freeplay and I kept playing for a little then I got bored and decided to go see what new news was going on with 1D I scrolled through the blurbs about how Liiam and Danielle are talking about engagemant and how they moved in toether it was killing me to see them. Together! I was literally dying inside, their song I Wish was definatley what I wished I could sing to Liam. I had gotten to talk to both Liam and Dani and Zayn. They were all nice, some nicer than others, some things one said shocked me. I was only 13, yes 13 and Liam was now 19:(. Which made chances of everything i had dreamed 30000x harder... and then on the app I saw something that caught my eye it said "One Direction is moving to the USA?! I had to read this! It told me they are moving to Colorado in the U.S and I was really excited, even if it wasn't true I really hoped it was but I couldn't be too sure. So I waited and lived my life and went to school and I came home one day and my mom was there and she told be we had new neighbors and I thought "that couldn't be 1D" so I asked my mom if I could go meet them and my mom said yes. When I got there I couldn't help but be diaapointed when it wasn't them, I should have known it wouldn't be them.

Liams P.O.V "Loui I don't think this is the right house can we keep looking?" I said quietly. "Yeah I don't like this one either." Loui replied. We got in the blue van outside and kept driving and then I saw a house I really liked it was a light blue color it was a ranch house, it was perfect! "Luoi wait stop here I like this one." The car shuddered to a stop and we got out, it was a quiet neighborhood no screaming, sqealing, crying fans. We got a flyer it was beautiful inside. It had 5 bedrooms each with its own little living space and a bathroom attached to eachone except one and they all had walk-in closets I loved it. I told the boys and they agreed so we talked to a realestate agent and bouhght it the next day! Wow what a deal!

Kats P.O.V I checked again on the 1D news and it told me they had found a house in Colorado and it showed a picture of a light blue ranch house, wait I had seen this before it was just a block away! Well suited, its a quiet neighborhood with mostly adults. I decided the go see if my app had lied. I went a week later and to my surprise Harry opened the door as I was about to knock on the door they said they were leaving to Nandos and everyone filed out the door and I notices Loui and Liam had stayed behind, I wondered why. I suddenly walked up the broad cement steps again and knocked again on the big grey-blue wooden door I heard footsteps aproach and I saw the door slowly open and Loui's face apear and Liam's next to his. I died a little inside I was taking to The Loui Tomlinson and The Liam Payne who I had adored for a long time. i'd adored them all though. Espesialy Liam..... I smiled and tried to apear calm but that but made my smile bigger I couldn't think of what to say! "Hi! I came over here to meet One Direction in person sorry if I'm disturbing you! I love you guys!" They stood there for a minute smiling and then they finnaly said something. "Hi" that was all they said, that's it?! "I'm Kelsha also called Kat.....?" I couldn't help putting the question into it. "Hi I'm Loui and this is Liam." Well ok then.. thought this moment would be more exciting. "It's cold out! Dang! Well I don't want to waste your time so I'll be getting home. But you guys are amazing a love you and don't let hate get you down! I really can't belivie I just talked to Loui and Liam of One Direction, One freaking Direction. By the way my name is Kelsha you can all me Kat!" I was turning around to head home happy as heck.

Liams P.O.V I stood at the door staring at the girl who was tunring around walking away, I thought back to one of our songs "I Should Have Kissed You" and I looked at the girl turning around on my doorstep I realized it was a moment that couldn't be wasted, not that I was gonna kiss her, I had Dani for that and I realized it was a cold drizzle so I invited her in. But to my surprise she rejected our offer saying her mother had barely let her come here alone. So we went outside and sat on our wooden porch swing. "Um hi, I'm Liam" I smiled at her and she smiled back a big happy smile it lit up her face. "So why are you here?" I said out of curiosity. She replied "I wanted to meet my boys!" I don't know how she knew we were here but I kept quiet she looked at my with her blue eyes, she was pretty! Then I thought of something it hit me. Danielle. I didn't know what to do except not like in any way other than as a friend. Can't be that hard I barley know her she could be really mean! It was harder than I thought althogh she was blonde she was quiet and smiley and had blue eyes and was full of laughter and really nice and funny, she was a blonde with straight hair but it had light brown low lights and it had higlights it was, differnt. I needed to stop thinking about her. I shook my head. "Are you okay?" The words came from the girl. I asked her to leave saying me and Lou had to eat. But all night I could stop thinking of her and every time I closed my eyes her face was there to greet me. But I had I girlfriend I couldn't break up with her could I? No. It was going to be hard, having a long distance relationship in all but I had faith. I thought of the situation all night long until I fell asleep.

Kats P.O.V The next morning I woke suddenly and checked the time, 6:00AM a Thursday why had I woken up so early? Oh well, I'm up. I walked out of my small room with my messy hair and smudged makeup I had forgotten to take off and greeted my mom "G'mornin' mom, off to work?". "Mornin' Kelsh Bell yeah I am I'll be back by around 7:00." I hugged her and told her goodby and then at 7:45 after I got ready for school I went to their room and knocked on the door I heard the door knob turn and saw the door open and my step-dads face apear, "Off to school see you later Randy.". "Ok see you later I'm going to be late comming home from work today I'll be back around six." And with that, he left. I walked to and from school that day and as soon as I got home I set down my backpack and walked back out the front door. My phone started buzzing and then music started playing "Summerfish by Katy Perry" it was my neighbor she was 11, "hello?" I put it next to my ear, "hey can you play today?", "sorry I can't I have something I need to do". "Okay bye" and with that, I hung up. I walked down my all to familiar street and saw the school I lived by, no one was there. Weird. I walked around the corner and saw the white uslesss fence that surrounded a front yard and past very pretty houses and stopped at the lght blue one where the boys lived, I stepped up the broad steps again and knocked on the door this time I saw a curtain pulled and a face apear and dissapear next to me through the window. Then the door opened really fast, I took a step back. Niall's irish face apeared "Hi can I just say your Niall freaking Horan! You are amazing!" I snapped back to what I was gonna ask "Is Loui or Liam here I met them last night, I wanted to talk to them." Niall stood there and replied a lot faster than Loui "Louis is out with Eleanor today he flew her out here to see him, so sweet. However Liam is here would you like to talk to him?" He said nicely. He is a very polite man I thought to myself. He walked away and Liam showed up at the door and he was looking quite flustered he stepped out of the doorway and closed the door tightly behind him he sat on the porch swing he had out front. He patted the place next to him offering me a place to sit.

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