For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


9. The bad news...


Harrys P.O.V

I couldnt even talk, ashley just was a mess she was crying so much and she was in so much pain that i started to cry. i pulled her close to me while she cryed into my chest. Marny and brooke were crying aswell. niall was trying to comfort them but he knew that it wouldnt work. ashley looked at me with her sad eyes and looked so weak and fragile. i kissed her head,knowing nothing i could say could make things better. we wnet home to ashleys house Mrs.Carter (Marny) said that me and niall could spend the night if i wanted to. Ashley made her way to her room barley being able to move she lyed down in her bed."do you want me to leave?" i said kindly. "Harry i need you more than ever, i love you so much." she said while choking on her tears. i lyed down beside her, "I love you too ash, i love you too."

Ashley P.O.V

How? how could this have happened to my sweet dad. im still in shock i cant even believe it. im so thankful for having harry with me. i cuddle into his chest as he put his arms. i let one last tear fall untill im captured into a perfect dream where none of this had ever happened...



(AUTHORS NOTE) hey sorry this was super short but i just wanted to this part across you guys!


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