For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


11. The argument.

Harry P.O.V

I was getting frustrated. how could i have been so blind? how could i have not seen this happening. he was in love with her! thats it im gonna straighten things out right now. "Lou come here for a second!" i shouted from the backyard. "whats up mate?" he said with a distracted look on his face. "You have to stop." i said with frustration in my voice. "mate what are you talking about?" he said looking nervous. "stop calling me mate alright? mates dont love their best "mates" girlfriends!" i said almost shouting at this point. "Harry. i cant help my feelings for her, i love her." he said while looking away from me. "To damn bad Lou! Its too late!" i said shouting. "stop yelling at me! i thought you could trust me! im not gonna pull anything with her! i just have a crush!" he said shouting back. "well if you do try anything, everything will be over." i threatend. "are you fucking serious right now! I SAID I WONT DO ANYTHING!" louis screamed at me. "fuck you." i muttered under my breath. I heared  zayn and niall running out side to see what had happened while liam kept ashley inside. good thing too cause i was about to freak out!zayn and niall kept louis outside with them while i walked inside.i saw liam and ashley sitting on the couch.she looked so scared. she probably heard the conversation. i went to hug her but she flinched away and before i could stop her she ran to her room.

Liams P.O.V

poor ashley. she heard her boyfriend threaten one of her bestfriends. i had to stop harry from running after her. "Hey! just let her cool off, im sure she is fine. but what happened out there?" i asked. "well, i realized that lou had a crush on ashley i had to make sure he wouldnt try to take her away from me." he said out of breath. "but mate, he has eleanore, do you think he would do that?" i asked. "Liam, people will do anything for love with the right person." he said while walking up the stairs to ashley bedroom

Zayns P.O.V

"what the fuck just happened?" i asked lou. "i dont want to talk about it." he said pissed off. "mate your gonna have to tell us sooner or later, why keep it botteled up?" niall said. louis explained the whole story to us nearly in tears. "i just dont understand why he wouldnt trust me, i would never do anything to hurt either one of them." he said with choking down tears. "well mate, he is in love with her and he probably felt threatened at the fact that another guy wanted his girl. i said while looking at him. louis sighed. "i feel like such an idiot, i know that i have to get over this, i have El, i would have reacted the same way if harry loved my girlfriend." he said now relaxing. "exactly lad, so just go and try to appologize, im sure he will forgive you if you say the same stuff you said to us." niall said while walking with me and lou inside.

Nialls P.O.V

this has been an awkward and drama filled day. i just hope harry doesnt try to kill lou when he sees him.

Ashelys P.O.V

i sobbed into my pillow softly. harry and lou were so scary, the way that they screamed at each other. i keep having flashbacks of their conversation. i close my eyes tight when i hear the calming voice of harry. "ashley. im sorry i lost my temper. its just i love you and i dont want anyone to ever be able to take you away from me. i love you ash. he said through the door. i walked up to the door and unlocked it i ran back to my bed and lyed down. harry walked in and lyed down beside me. "im so sorry if i scared you,you know i would never hurt you. i love you to much." he said as he let a tear roll down his cheek. i hated to see him cry so i held him close to me and kissed him and we fell asleep. i slept another dreamless night.






(AUTHORS NOTE PLEASE READ!) hey guys thanks so much for reading! do you guys like it? i feel like people dont like it. im not sure if i should continue. tell me what you think and i might keep writing.  thanks so much guys! bye for now.

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