For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?





When harry said that "as long as he was here nothing could hurt me" i just felt like kissing him,so i did. he looked shocked at first but he pulled me closer. i could feel him smiling. we both pulled away from the kiss. "wow" was all he could manage to say. i started to laugh, i held his hand as we went back downstairs. "Ashley are you alright?" liam asked, he was clearly worried. i laughed. "Im fine now Liam, thanks." i said with a smile. "Sorry if we laughed at you." niall said looking sad. "Guys its alright im fine now, its all good, i was just scared." i said while sitting on the couch beside harry, we were still holding hands. Louis noticed. "Oh so are you too a thing now?" he said while winking at me and harry. i looked at harry and he looked back at me. "yup." harry said while smiling at me. i smiled back but he knew i was nervous. he stood up and told me to follow him to the backyard. "Why are we out here?" i asked curiously. "Why dont you seem to trust me?" he asked looking kind of hurt. "its not that i dont trust you, i just dont trust guys in general." i said. great he is going to make me tell him everything, it still hurt to think about it. "Why though,what happened in the past ashley?" he said looking worried. i could feel tears coming up, i tryed to fight them. "It was my 3rd year anniversary with my ex Eric. i went over to his house to suprise him the gift i had bought him. when i went to his door-" i let the tears out. harry pulled me closer to him and i continued my story. "when i went to his door, A girl from my english class answered the door,Sarah. I pushed by her and went to the bed room to see Eric under the covers. and ever since that moment i havent been able to trust any guys." i said with tears streaming down my face. he wiped them away, he looked so hurt and felt bad for me. he then kissed me and said "Ashley, im so sorry, but you have to know that i would never in my entire life time do that to you. Eric clearly most have been pretty damn stupid to do that to someone as special as you.I love you." "I love you too harry."

we went back inside and i realized that it was allready 11:30. "Booke its already 11:30! we have to go home!" i said scared that myy parents would kill me. "Alright lets go then." she said, she cleary didnt want to leave,her and niall were hitting it off. "Are you sure you cant just stay the night?" harry aked giving me the puppy dog eyes. i sighed "let me go call my mom, ill be right back." i walk to the front yard and called my mom, she actually wanted me to stay the night. i thanked her and went back inside. "Okay she said we can stay." i said. all the boys cheered. "So um where are we going to sleep?" i asked the guys. "well you can sleep in my room and brooke can sleep in nialls room if thats okay?" he said. "Okay." me and brooke said. we all went to bed around the same time. me and harry were going to go to bed when i realized i didnt have any pjs. "Harry, i dont have anthing to wear but  my dress." i said worried. he laughed "dont worry ill find you something to wear." he said smiling. When we got to his room he handed me a t-shirt and some sweats. "will these be alright? he asked raising his eyebrows. "perfect, ill be right back." i said while walking to the bathroom. when i came back the door was closed i didnt want to walk in on him changing so i knocked. "come in." he said. i walked in and i realized he made a bed on the floor and was lying in it. "Harry Styles are you crazy?" i was while laughing. "What?" he said smiling. "you are not sleeping on the floor, if anything i am." i said looking at him. He laughed. "no, im not letting my princess sleep on the hard ground." he said smiling. "then i guess your sleeping in the bed with me." i said while jumping into bed. "alright." he said while turning the light off. he came on the other side of the bed and lyed down beside me and said "your beautiful, i love you." i responded "I love you too." then we both dazed off into each others arms.

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