For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


4. Screaming fans!


When my dad pulled up to our new house i could tell it was going to be HUGE inside. "Mom, how many bedrooms does this thing have?" i asked in shock at the size of the house. "well lets go find out!" said my mom as she unlocked the door. it was the most amazing thing i had seen in my life. it had a huge glistening crystal chandelier and a huge spiral stair case. "wow." was all i could say. brooke was already running up the spiral stairs to see how many bedrooms there was. "HOLY CRAP! this place has five bedrooms!" she said with glee. "well one of them is going to be a computer room but we are going to have the other one as a spare bedroom for visitors." my dad said. me and Brooke choose the rooms right beside each other. they were amazing. Me and brooke left our stuff in the rooms and went to check out the backyard. it has a deck and a pool. "Geez how luck are-" i got interupted by the sounds of screaming girls. "what in the world?" me and brooke saw a huge group of girls chasing five boys down the street. "What are they doing?" i asked Brooke. she looked like she was about to faint. "T--thats one direction." she said faintly. all of a sudden a girl started sprinting towards the boy with the curly brown hair and dazzling green eyes. she was carrying a golf club. "LOOK OUT!" i scream at the boy. the girl swung the club. but it was too late. the boy got hit with the club and look to have fainted. i screamed for my mom and dad to help him. the other 4 boys were trying to wake him up. They were calling Harry. i assumed that was his name. "we got to get him to the hospital." my dad said he called for an ambulance and the boys went in with him.


Harrys P.O.V

I woke up in a hospital bed. i had no idea what had happened or how i got here. the only thing i remembered was staring at the most beautiful girl as she screamed at me to look out. i lifted my hand to my head. "Oww." i said quite loudly. the nurse must have heard me because she came in right away. "Ahh mr.Styles your finally up." she said with a grin. "Uhm yeah but what happened, i mean how did i get here?" i said in a questioning voice. "well one of those crazy fans hit you in the head with a golf club, but you should be alright to leave as long as you feel better." she said while getting me water. "that explaines the bump on my head, who brought me here?" i asked."oh Marny and Joe Carter. Their daughter tried to warn you but it was too late. the fan had allready hit you." she said a bit sad. "do you think you could tell me their adress so i could thank them?" i said hopefully. "well i guess so." she said worried. she handed me a peice of paper with the familys name on it.. "thank you so much." he said smilling. "your welcome dear, so are you feeling better, do you think yu are well enough to leave?" she asked sweetly. "Yes im better." i said getting up off the bed and making my way to the door.


i made my way to my car and pulled out the peice of paper with the Carters address on it.i was on my way to thank them. i didnt know i was about to fall in love.



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