For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


3. On our ways.


It was moving day. i woke up and went to the bathroom to have a shower. When i was done i combed through my long brown hair and put on a bit of makeup. I never though of my self more than average looking. Im 17 and only had about 3 boyfriends. i have brown eyes. i hate my brown eyes.

Me,Brooke,my mom and my dad were on our ways to the airport. "I cant thank you guys enough for taking me with you guys!" she exclaimed. "it our pleasure Brooke." my dad said with his deeply man voice. Me and Brooke giggled. We boarded our plane. me and Brooke sat together and my parents sat together. "Brooke im so excited!" me almost in tears." I am too Ash." she said noticing i was about to cry. "Ash if your excited why are you gonna cry?" she asked while putting her hand on my shoulder. "its just the memories, i grew up in that house you know? im gonna really miss it". i said with tears running down my face. she nodded her head. "Don't worry im sure you will love the new house even more." she said with hope. I wiped the tears off with my sleeve of my sweater. "your right, thanks Brooke" i said while smiling at her. "Anytime Ash." she said smiling. Then the plane took off.

Within a half hour Brooke had fallen asleep. She was so beautiful. i wish i looked like her. she had natural red-brown hair with amazing green eyes. All the boys liked her. i then realized how insecure i was about myself. and it was all because of that worm Eric. i had been completely confident in the way i looked until me and Eric broke up. When we were in a fight he called me awful names. names that no one should be called, but he did it anyways. it was going to be a 3  hour trip. we still had an hour to go. Brooke had woken up when the flight attended came around with our lunches.  what could i say, the girl loves her food. After we ate me and Brooke listened to music off of her ipod. One directions "One Thing" started to play. "you really love them don't you? i asked. "oh god more than anything! Don't you?" she asked. 'Yeah i guess-" my voice was interrupted by an intercom announcing that we would be landing in 10 minutes.


the plane landed. we were finally in London. On the drive to my new house, i couldn't seem to get one thing out of my head. and that one thing was One Direction.

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