For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


6. Meeting the lads.


Asleys P.O.V

i woke up in the morning to the sound of my phone vibrating against my bed side table. i turned over to pick up and look at my phone, i got a text from a number i haven't seen before. It had read: Uhm hello Ashley its Harry, i just wanted to know if you and Brooke wanted to come over to my place tonight and meet the lads.i would pick you up at around 5:30 if that is alright with you guys. text me back if you got my text :)

"Wow." Harry Styles was actually inviting me to his house. i was happy that i was going to be able to meet one direction. this didnt even feel like real life, i decided to text him back this: Hey Harry i got your texts and me and Brooke would love to come over tonight, thanks for the invite. me and Brooke could drive down, you dont need to pick us up. i sent the text. i found my self smiling at the fact that i was going to see him again.


"YES!" I said realizing i said that outloud. i began to text her back : Good to hear you would like to come, and dont worry about the ride. ill pick you guys up. i will talk to you later bye love :) i was so happy i could see her again, she was so beautiful. but for some reason i felt she didnt trust me, but what for?


I texted him back saying that i will see him and 5:30. i didnt want to talk for long because i wanted to get ready. I then realized i had total forgot about asking brooke! i ran to her room, thank god she was awake. "Hey brook we just got invited to harrys house tonight to meet the boys. im guessing you want to come?" i said laughing. "are you crazy? OF COURSE!" she said screaming. "K well im going to have a shower then you can after me." i said going into the bathroom. "okay" she said. i could see she was still exicted.

I got out of the shower about 15 minutes later. i dryed my hair and curled it. by the time we had both had showers and done our hair it was 4:30.

I had put on a bit of mascara and thats it. i didnt want to have a bunch of makeup on me. Brooke on the other hand had Beautiful green eye shadow on a crap load of mascara. im not going to lie, she looked amazing. i put on a cute cassual light blue knee high dress. Brooke wore a tight red dress with a diamond necklace. i wasnt sure if it was real or fake. no matter what it was pretty.

I heard the doorbell ring. i looked at the time. "ITS 5:30!"  i almost screamed. i was shocked at the time. i ran down the stairs and opened the door to reveal a smiling harry. "Wow, girls you look stunning." he said in shock. i sarted to blush. i couldnt even say anything, thank god brooke did. "You dont look to bad yourself Mr.Styles." Brooke said laughing. harry laughed too. we walked to his car, brooke sat in the back while i sat in the front with harry. all of a sudden he grabbed my hand. i knew he was smiling. i started to blush, alot!  he turned up the radio, and guess what song came on? What makes you beautiful. i started to sing really quietly. i had thought no one heard me. but of course Harry did. " why are you singing so quetly? you have an amazing voice." he said smiling. "because i dont like my voice, but thanks." i said feeling happy. "well its amazing." he said once again. i just smiled and continued to sing quietly. we had arrived to his house. i felt nervous, harry obviously noticed and said "Dont be scared love." he grabbed my hand again. "how did you know i was nervous?" i asked. "Babe i can read you like an open book." he said with a smile. he oppened the door. we all walked in i was unexpectedly greeted by a hug from a boy holding a fake pigeon. i laughed "hello Lou." i said with a smile. " hello lovey whats your name?" he asked. "my names Ashley." i said with a smile. slowly all the boys introduced each other. "hey we were gonna watch a movie, do you guys wanna pick?" niall asked in his adorable accent. "HORROR MOVIIIIIEEEEE!" brooke shouted. Niall and louis agreed. i was terrified of horror movies and brooke knew that. ugh why would she do this to me. Finally after they stoped fight over what movie to watch they decided to watch the grudge. i sat beside harry and brooke sat by Niall. i was so scared i was shaking. "Hey ash are you okay?" i Zayn asked. i nodded. "Ash do you want us to turn it off?" harry said while looking me in the eyes. "No i dont want to ruin it for you guys, its fine." i said, it was a total lie. all of a sudden the grudes face popped up on the sceen. i screamed then hid my face into harrys chest. i felt his arms around me. The boys howled in laughter. i started to cry. i was such a baby, but i couldnt help it i was terrified. i ran to the bathroom with my hand in my face. Harry chased after me but i was already locked in the bathroom. "Hey are you okay? let me in." harry said in a worried voice. i started to unlock the door and he hugged me as soon as he could and said this: "as long as im here, nothing will ever hurt you."

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