For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


8. First date.


Ashleys P.O.V

I woke up this morning to see a sleeping harry next to me,he looked so cute and peacful. i went downstairs to start making breakfast,i was going to make bacon and eggs.i thought i was the only one awake untill niall walked into the kitchen scaring the crap out of  me! "NIALL JESUS YOU SCARED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!" I said covering my mouth. he laughed "Sorry bout thats ash i just needed to ask you something before brooke wakes up." he said while sitting down. "Okay fire away." i said while smiling."Okay,i really really like brooke and i wanted to ask you if you think its to soon to ask her to be my girlfriend?" he said while blushing. "AWW niall im sure she wants to go out with you just as much as you want to go out with her." i said smiling. "Okay thanks for the help ashley!" he said while scurrying away. i had finished breakfast and i was now cleaning the dishes. "Good morning beautiful." Harry said as he entered the kitchen. "Hey! your finally up!" i joked. he laughed "yeah i was just having a good dream and i didnt want to wake up from it." he said while eating some bacon. "really? what was the dream?" i said while sitting beside harry. "It was about you coming on tour with brooke, me and the lads, so, do you want to make my dream come true?" he said while holding my hand.

Harrys P.O.V

oh god i hope she doesnt reject me, i love her so much and if she wont come on tour with me,im not going at all. i saw a tear stream down her face. "whats wrong love, you dont want to come?" i said feeling nervous. "No, Harry no matter what, im coming with you, i cant be without you, i llove you."she said before kissing me. "THATS GREAT! do you think brooke would like to come too?" i asked. "Oh trust me, she will be." she said while laughing. "good,but tonight me and you are going on a date. i will drive you home in a couple hours to get ready,allright?" i asked while gazing into her beautiful brown eyes. "alright." she said while kissing me once more.

Ashleys P.O.V

i love him so much. i told brooke the plan and was happy because her and niall had a date tonight too. about too hours later harry dropped me and brooke off to get ready. "Ill pick you up at 6:00 ashley." harry said to me as he walked me to my door. "Okay hazza, ill see  you later, i love you. "I love you too ash."harry said while leaning in for a kiss. after harry left i had a shower and decided to straighten my hair. i didnt know what kind of date this was going to be so when i was just about to text harry he called me and told me we were going on a bowling date. I then decided to wear a cute flowy top with skinny jeans and converses. *DING DONG* i ran to the door to see harry standing there wearing a cute shirt with a jacket on top. "Ready love?" he asked me as i hel dhis hand to his car. "sure am." i said as i got into the car and drove to the bowling ally. we arrived to the bowling ally and all of a sudden we were fludded my flashing cameras and interviewers. i was quite shocked to be honest. harry pulled me inside the ally and it was quiet again. we rented our shoes and were putting them on when i confesed a secret to him."Harry to tell you the truth, i have never been bowling." i said while blushing as i started at the ground. "here ill show you." he said while putting his arms around me and showed me how to move my body to get the pins down. i tryed on my own and i got a strike! "YOUR A NATURAL!" he said while picking me up and kissed me. "Nah i just have a great teacher." i said while kissing his nose. i won the game against harry, he was acting like such a baby. "harry, its okay" i laughed. "we can have a rematch." i said while winking at him. "well alrighty then!" he said while walking to the counter. my phone rang. "Hello?" i answered. "ASHLEY GO TO THE HOSPITAL NOW YOUR FATHER IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK!" my mother cried. i hung up the phone crying. "Harry my dad is having a heart attack! we have to go to the hospital. we ran out and went to the hospital. i saw my mom,brookeand niall all in the waiting room. i sat down with harry, i was still crying. "Ashley please stop crying love i hate it when your upset, i promise you everything will be okay." he said while wiping my tears.i managed to fall asleep in his arms untill the nurse announced that my father had passed.

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