For what was lost but now is found.

Will Ashley's life finally be turned around when she encounters the famous boy band One Direction? Or will her devastating past continually haunt her?


1. The past.

I haven't been able trust anyone after that one night. Its amazing how something that might seem so pointless and small to one person, be life changing for another.

It was mine and my boyfriend Eric's 3rd year anniversary that day. I had decided I was going to stop by at Eric's house to give him the anniversary present i had bought for him. I didn't call him in advance because i had just assumed he was going to be home. I drove over to his house, I knocked on the door twice. I heard footsteps coming towards the door. "He is home!" i said to myself with excitement. As the door open i started to realize that it wasn't Eric who had answered the door. It was Sarah, a girl from my English class. Her hair was a mess and she looked nervous when she saw me standing in front of her. "Uhm is Eric here?" i said while i crossed my arms in frustration. "Uh he is sorta busy at the moment." she asked. i started getting mad. "Sarah i know he is here!" I said while pushing by her going into the house. I almost knew exactly where he was. I went to his bedroom and slowly opened the door. i guess he thought i was Sarah, because he said "Babe, who was at the door?" "Oh, just me!" i said while tears streamed down my face. "Ashley! this isn't what it looks like!" he said in shock. "Save it Eric, happy anniversary." i said while running down the stairs and out of the house and into my car before he could even get out of bed.

While driving home, the song "More Than This" by One Direction started to play. The song felt like it was meant to be written for me. For the first time i had actually listened to the lyrics. "if only i had someone who loved me more than this."



( AUTHORS NOTE) okay guys that the first chapter.Sorry if it was short and boring! haha.

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