A Little Too Late

When he said he'd come back for me, I didn't think he meant it, I'd moved on, or at least I thought I did, until date came knocking on my door on the form of my old crush, Niall Horan.


3. Ready As I'll Ever Be

I wake up to my alarm clock blaring, 9:30 it reads. I hit the snooze hoping to fall back asleep but find myself rolling around for a half an hour. Whatever. I roll over and grab my purse off the floor. I rummage through it, grasping my phone. 7 new text messages, 4 missed calls, 2 voicemails. Typical. I read through them.

I'm so sorry I got out of hand. 
From: Brendan

Please forgive me, I love you. 
From: Brendan

It won't happen again.
From: Brendan 

You can go to that dinner.
From: Brendan

Just call me back, I'm sorry! 

Had to take your brother to soccer.

Hey, is this Abigail?
From: (919)576-7732

I left all of Brendan's alone and texted back my mom. Who is this other number. I text back.

Yes, this is her, who is this?
From: Abigail

I sent my phone on my nightstand and go into the bathroom. After I brush my teeth I look in the mirror. Well it's a little bruised. I think examining my cheek. Good thing I'm a makeup expert. I smile to myself. After I wash my face, I take my usual seat at my vanity and pull out my foundation. After some work it's all covered up, and you can barely see the mark. Good thing too, last time my mom saw a mark from him she questioned me for a week. I kept telling her I just tripped and fell down but she didn't believe me. I go to my wardrobe and think about what I'll wear tonight. I pull out some possible choices and go ask my mom to choose. Se comes in and ultimately decides on the pink one shoulder goddess dress with the golden belt. Good choice. "Thanks mom." I smile at her and push her out so I can change. I pull my hair into a fishtail braid to the side and put on some light makeup with pink eyeshadow. I look pretty good if I must say so myself. I go downstairs and think about eating some lunch but decide against it. I check the clock. 11:48. Well that gives me plenty of time. I walk into the kitchen and pull out all the ingredients and start making cupcakes. Mallory and Ryland come downstairs in the process and offer to help me. By 3:30 the cupcakes are out of the oven and getting frosted. I put them all in a to go container and run upstairs to find something for Mallory and Ryland to wear. After rummaging through their closets for an hour I finally find something for them to wear. Ryland, in dark jeans and a blue button up polo an Mallory in a purple sundress with her straight blond hair going down her back. I hear my mom call me from the kitchen so I hurry them downstairs and go and see what she wanted. "Hey mom" I say. "hey sweetie. Did you make these? They look delicious." she motioned toward the cupcakes. "yeah, we all did." I smile. "well they look great, hey honey, if you still don't want see Niall, you dont have to go." she says. "Oh. No, mom that was a long time ago, I'm over it. It's fine, really." I assure her. "Well okay as long as your sure." she smiles and walks out off the kitchen. "okay! C'mon kids lets go!" my mom screams up the stairs. The kids come running down and run out the door. I walk over, cupcakes in hand. "are you sure your ready for this?" my mom worries. "yeah. I'm fine." I lie. Well I'm as ready as I'll ever be. 
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