A Little Too Late

When he said he'd come back for me, I didn't think he meant it, I'd moved on, or at least I thought I did, until date came knocking on my door on the form of my old crush, Niall Horan.


2. Liar.

After we leave the doctors with Ryland and pick Mallory up from dance, we head home. I check the clock, almost three. I'd told Brendan to come over at 3:30, I'll be ready just in time. We pull up in to driveway and I quickly jump out and run through the door and upstairs to take a shower. Finding a new outfit consisting of a light blue strapless dress that goes down to right above my knees, a white belts, and my white wedge sandals. I jump in to the shower and quickly wash my hair turn off the water. I jump out and dry my hair off and blow dry it quickly, and start to brush through it when I hear a knock on my door. "Abigail, it's me. Let me in." Brendan's voice sounds from the the side of the door. "Ok, just wait one second i'm changing." I lie. I pull back my hair and knot it into a bun and pull out some loose strands, it's perfect. I throw on the dress and the belt, waiting to put on my shoes and walk out into my room and open the door for him. "hey baby, you look great" he smiles and kisses my cheek. "thanks! So do you." and he did. He was wearing nice dress pants and a red button up shirt. He even put some gel in his dark brown hair, and spiked it up a bit. I could look at him all day. I gently caress his cheek and slide my hand behind his neck. He grabs my waist pulling me towards him and presses his lips to mine. I smile in the kiss and pull away. "So, what's the special occasion?" I ask. "Well I just wanted to take you out to a nice dinner." He replied. I hear feet on the steps. "ABIGAIL. Ryland keeps touching my stuff!! " Mallory whines. "Go tell Mom, I'm about to leave." I tell her. She frowns and the trots back down the stairs. "Shall we go then?" Brendan looks at me. "Yeah sure."  I grab his hand automatically intertwining my fingers with his. We get to the front door and I yell to my mother. "Bye mom, I'm leaving I'll be back later." I don't wait for a reply as I walk to Brendan's car getting in the passengers seat. He gets in and we drive. "So where is this nice date taking place?" I question him. "we're going to the beach!" I smile. He is always so unexpected. About fifteen minutes later we arrive at our destination. He gets out, and opens the trunk. I open the door and start walking towards the sand. I haven't been here in a while. Not since me and ni---"hey babe how about we sit over there?" brendan interrupts my thoughts. "yeah that's fine" I smile at him. We walk over to the sand and spread out a blanket. Brendan plops down beside me, picnic basket in hand. He opens it up and takes out some pasta salad and a bottle of champagne. "oh, your fancy" I joke. He just laughs at me. "let's eat!" he says and hands me a fork. We start eating the pasta and talking. "so, remember my friend, Niall?" I ask. "mhmm yeah I think so. Why?" he says with a mouthful of food. Charming. "Well I saw his dad today and he's coming back to town and I have to go over there tomorrow for dinner." I say sadly. "Oh honey, so we can't go out tomorrow." he says. "No I guess not. I mean I haven't seen him in a couple years so---" "Wait, this isn't the boy you had a huge crush on, is it?" Brendan says, interrupting me. "Well, yeah it is, I mean,---" "No. Your not going." Brendan says, crossing his arms. "Well I have to go. I mean my mom said I do." I lied again. "Your not going." he says matter of factly. "Brendan, you aren't the boss of me." I stare into his eyes. "I am going." I tell him. "I am the boss of you. How can you even say that?" He yells in my face. "Brendan, I don't want to argue with you, take me home." I say quietly. "Are you gonna go to that dinner tomorrow?" he asks. "Yes, yes I am." I stare at him with cold eyes, daring him to do something. "Then walk home." he says and looks away. "Fine." I say. I started walking. I don't even know how long I was walking. I walked through town and kept walking when a car pulls up next to me. "Abigail, get in the car." Brendan demands. I just keep walking. "ABIGAIL. Get in the car now!!!!"  he screams. I don't stop. He stops the car and gets out. He stomps over to me and grabs me, squeezing my shoulders tightly. "Get in the car." He demanded coldly. "No." I whisper. His hand came across my face hard, that time. My hand shoots up to the stinging welt. I turn and run the rest of the way home, I run into my room and flop on my bed, crying myself to sleep. 
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