A Little Too Late

When he said he'd come back for me, I didn't think he meant it, I'd moved on, or at least I thought I did, until date came knocking on my door on the form of my old crush, Niall Horan.


5. It's all fun and games.....

"Well this hasn't changed much." I smile. "Yeah its the same as I left it." Niall laughs and throws basketball shorts and a Tshirt at me. "Thanks." I say, "Now get out and let me change." I joke. "Okay, Okay" he puts his arms up in defeat and leaves pulling the door shut behind him. I quickly change and leave my dress and belt on his dresser taking off my shoes and jewelry and walk out into the hallway. "Ready?" Niall asks. "Yep." I say popping the p. "Ok lets go." we walk down the stairs and outside. Some of the guests had gone inside to eat so there was a lot of room to play. I see two mini pools set up at either side of the yard and a group of kids in between them. "Okay, here are the rules!" Harry yells loudly, "We're all going to split up in two teams, You can take two steps with the frisbee then you have to throw it, to score a point you have to jump in the kiddie pool at either ends. Got it?" After hearing the echo of yes, Harry chose two captains. "Let's have Zayn and Niall be captains. Zayn what do you want first? The frisbee or first pick..?" Harry asks. "I want the frisbee first." Zayn confirms. "Okay so Niall you get to pick first." Harry explains. He turns his attention towards me. "Abigail." Niall chooses me. I walk forward ignoring the stares from two boys I don't recognize. "Oh i see how it is," One of the boys start," you pick some girl because she's better looking then me." The other boy pulls him and whispers something in his ear. "Oh, so your Abigail?" He asks, "Im Louis and this is Liam. " "Hi." The other boy says. I smile," Yep, that's me, it's nice to meet you." Harry looks annoyed. "Now that we're done with that introduction can we get back to the game please?" Zayn chooses Liam and so on and so forth until everyone is picked. Zayns team starts out with the frisbee and throws it down the field to Liam, Liam trys to throw it to Louis but Harry blocks it and throws it to me, I pass it to Niall and he jumps in the kiddie pool. "Yes!" I jump up in victory. "I wouldn't get too excited love the game just started." Zayn yells from across the field. I throw my head back in laughter. We play for about another twenty minutes and then we are all tired. We take a break and drink some lemonade. "Okay, Boys, you can come eat now!" Mr. Horan instructs from the patio. The boys jump up with eagerness and start to run inside. "Aren't you coming?" Niall asks. "Nah, I'm not really that hungry." I smile. "Oh yeah, is that so?" He laughs. "Yep, it is,---" Niall picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, "Come on let's go eat, I'm hungry." he starts walking towards the sliding door. "Your always hungry..." I laugh. Niall stops and puts me down outside the door. "Who? Me?" he points to himself laughing. "Yessss now come on." I laughed. I opened the sliding door and walk in and over to the counter, there is food everywhere, I make myself a big plate and walk over to the table. "Here Abigail, you can sit right here." Harry motions me over. I smile and walk over and sit down and start eating. Niall comes over and sits on the opposite side and we all dig in. My mother walks in a comes over. "Hey Ab, Brendan called me and said you weren't answering and that you should call him." I roll my eyes and turn around, "Okay, I'll call him in a little while." I smile. "Are you two still hanging out later?" my mother asks. I look at Niall. "Yeah mom." I say and then mouth to him. "I'll explain later." he smiles and starts to eat again. When I'm finished I go and clean my plate in the sink and then head upstairs to change again. I quickly change and put the clothes in his hamper and come out. Niall's waiting outside the door. "So.." I start explaining." I am lying to my mom and saying I'm going with Brendan when I'm really hanging out with you." I say quietly. "Okay. But, who's Brendan?"  I was hoping he wouldn't ask that. "My friend." I smile. "Okay so how are we going to pull this off?" he smiles. "I'll just tell my mom I'm meeting Brendan and meet you instead, but I really do have to call him." I say grabbing my phone. "Just hold on for a second."I walk into the bathroom and close the door behind me. I type in his number and hit call, he picks up after the first ring. "Abigail," I cut him off. "I'd appreciate you not calling my mother, you are the last person I want to talk to right now, don't even try to apologize and say it won't happen again, because it did Brendan and honestly I don't have time to deal with you right now. I have to go." I say quickly. "Abigail, please talk to me, I'm so sorry." he pleads. "See, I don't have time for this. Bye." I hang up and turn off my phone and put it in my purse and open the door. "Alright?" Niall asks. "Of course." I smile at him. He pulls me into his arms. It's feels so comfortable. "Abigail." I hear my mothers voice from behind me. I pull away quickly, "Oh hey mom." I say. She has a disappointed look on her face. "We're leaving, say goodbye to your..um..friends." After that she turns around and retreats back down the stairs. I turn around and look at Niall and he's biting his lip to keep from laughing. I giggle and he loses it. we both fall on the floor in the hallway holding or stomachs. After out laughing fit is over I go downstairs and say goodbye to my new friends. "We'll be seeing you again though, right?" Zayn asks. "We're staying until Saturday." He spills. "I'm sure I'll be around." I smile at them and hug them all. "Bye guys!" I say as I walk through the front door. I walk Mallory and Ryland to the car and get them situated and climb into the front seat. My mother gets in and looks at me. "Well that was fun right?" shes smiling. "Yeah, loads." I smile back.  
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