A Little Too Late

When he said he'd come back for me, I didn't think he meant it, I'd moved on, or at least I thought I did, until date came knocking on my door on the form of my old crush, Niall Horan.


4. A visit to the Horan house

We arrive at the Horan residence and see about 5 cars in front. My mom parks down the street and we get out walking down a couple houses until we reach the front of their wide yard. My heart starts beating rapidly and my hands start to sweat. There was so many memories here. I remember Niall from three years ago pushing me on the swing in the front yard. Playing hide and seek in his massive basement when we were younger. It all came flooding back to me. "Abigail." I snap out of my flashback. "Are you okay?" my moms asks. "Yeah fine." I reply. We arrive at the front door and my mom knocks on the glass. A boy I don't recognize answers the door. "Oh, you must be Abigail.." he smiles. His dark brown curls are adorable. "uhm, yeah that's me. This is my mother, Laura and my brother and sister, Ryland and Mallory." I smile back. "please come in, we're all out back." he says moving over and motioning for us to come in. I step in and evaluate my surroundings. Nothing changed. Same silly family photo. I walk down the front hallway into the kitchen and set the cupcakes on the counter and walk through the sliding doors out onto the patio. There is a lot of people here. Wow. I look over and see my family sitting down at a table by the gazebo. The curly haired boy from earlier spots me and walks over, followed by a tall boy with black spiked hair.  "By the way, I'm Harry and this is Zayn. I shake his hand. "We've heard plenty about you." He says. My heart drops. "li-like what?" I stuttered. "That your names Abigail, just Abigail, not Abby. That your friends with Niall, you have a brother and a sister and a mum--" He stopped. "Stop scaring the poor girl." Harry said. "I'm not I'm just saying..." Zayn started. "Well I have to go." I walked over to my mom and brother, my sister had disappeared. "Hey mom." I ask. "Yes?" she says looking at me. "I'm gonna go find the restroom." I say and walk off. I walk back through the sliding doors into the kitchen. No one. I walk through the front hall and follow the stairs to the upstairs bathroom walking quietly as not to disturb anyone. I walk in and shut the door behind me and the tears start falling. "Why did I even come? I can't Even hold myself together for two seconds." I question myself. I grab my phone out of my purse and see there's three new messages. I check them. 

Whatever I don't care about you anyways. We're done.
From: Brendan

I reply.

Bi-polar much? Your a jerk anyways. 
From: Abigail

The other message is from that weird number. I saved it as Stranger.

Hi. It's Niall are you coming to dinner tonight?
From: stranger

Another one from him.

I mean, you don't have to come if you don't want to. Unless you do. 
From: Stranger.

I quickly go to my contacts and change his name. I wonder if he knows I'm here. 
Suddenly there's a knock at the door. I jump. "Is anyone in there?" a voice asks softly. I don't reply I just stand up and open the door. My heart completely stops. I feel dizzy. "oh, Hi Abby." Niall smiles at me. I avoid his eyes. "Oh, I mean hi. How are you?" I reply quieter than usual. "I'm great. How are you?" He looks into my eyes. He'll know if I'm lying. "I'm fantastic," I say," Now if you'll excuse me." I smile and duck under his arm to get out. He grabs my hand and spins me around. I look up into his beautiful blue eyes. "I've really missed you Abby. I'd like for us to catch up." he whispers. I feel the butterflies in my stomach. "Yeah, yes. That'd be..um..nice." I say smiling. I probably look like a idiot. "When?" He said softly. I didn't know what to say. I just looked down at my shoes. "Tonight, after dinner." He says and then he walks around me down the stairs and through the hallway. I smile and turn around and follow him out. My mom waves me over. "Hey mom, what's up?" I ask. "Nothing sweetie, did you see Niall?" she asks, sounding worried. "Yeah mom. We're cool." I smile. "Are you sure? Don't forget about how you felt when--" I cut her off. "Mom, there's nothing to worry about.. Do you mind if I hang out with Brendan later?" I lie. "Yes honey that's fine. Anyways I just don't want you to get hurt again." She says. "Okay mom. I'm gonna go talk to some friends." I slowly walk over to the group of boys that Harry and Zayn are standing with. "Hello Abigail." Zayn smiles. "Hi, what are you guys doing?" I question. "We're about to play frisbee. Wanna play?" Harry laughs. "Well I'm not really dressed for that..." I look down at my pink dress. "You can borrow something of mine..if you'd like." Niall says. "Yeah, that'd be great." I smile. "Come on." He grabs my arm and pulls me into the house. "We can just go to my room and you can choose something." He let go off my arm and I followed him up the stairs. My skin tingles where he was holding me. He opens the door to the second room on the left and I smile. It's the same as it was when I was last in here.  
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