A Little Too Late

When he said he'd come back for me, I didn't think he meant it, I'd moved on, or at least I thought I did, until date came knocking on my door on the form of my old crush, Niall Horan.


1. An unexpected invitation

"Mom, why do I have to get up so early, it's summer!" I pout as a climb the stairs to my bedroom to get ready. My mom tells something back but I don't listen. I walk over to my vanity stepping over the pipes of dirty laundry and sit down. Hmm... What to wear today? I settle with my usual attire, light demon skinny jeans and a pink floral tank top. My bond hair cascades down as a pull it out of my shirt, reaching my lower back. I grab a brush and untangle the knotted mess until my waves settle perfectly. Throw on some light makeup to compliment my blue eyes and I'm all set, and just in time too. My mom yells up the stairs," Abigail, let's go, we are leaving!" "I'm coming, I'm coming." I say, giving used a quick once over in the mirror and grabbing my brown satchel purse off my bed. I slide down the banister to the front door, and glide into my white flip flops. I walk out and slam the door behind me, jumping the front steps and taking my usual position in the passenger seat. "So where are we going anyways?" I question my mom as she pulls out of our long driveway. "Well your sister has dance at 11 and your brother has a doctors appointment at 11:30 so I figured we'd go to breakfast first.." "That's fine with me." I say. My little brother, Ryland pipes up from the backseat, "Mom, can we go to Rosie's?" "Yeah Rosie's" my little sister Mallory echos. "Yes that's fine, do you have your stuff for dance? Mallory you know..." I plug in my headphones and block them out for the rest of the ride. 

"Abigail, Abigail, we're here." My mothers voice pulls me out of my sleep. I sit up and Rub my eyes, unbuckling my seat belt. I open the door and jump out grabbing Mallory's hand so we can cross the street. I open the door, motioning for my family to pile in. Ryland runs ahead and chooses our normal booth. Rosie's is our favorite diner, we've been coming here every Saturday since my dad died. "What can I get you, sweetie?" my favorite waitress Alexa asks "oh just a bagel is fine thank you." I reply sweetly. "are you sure, Honey?" my mother buts in. "Maybe, you should get something bigger." "No, Mom, I'm fine thanks." hearing the sassiness in my voice. "okay then" my mother decides and orders for the rest of them. I sit, thinking to myself, I mean, c'mon I am nearly eighteen I think I can choose what I eat for breakfast, but then again I know she's just worried about me, because I didn't each much when my father died. My plate is set in front of me, and I thank Alexa and start to dig in, when I spot a familiar face across the diner, coming towards us. My mother looks up," oh hello Bobby, how have you been?" he chuckles," oh I've been good Laura and how about you all?" I stepped in," we've been great, mr. Horan, just great." "Abigail, you know you can call me Bobby.." "yes, I know." I shoot him a grin. "now if you'll excuse me, I'd like you use the restroom." I stood and walked down the long hall to the left and pushed open the door.  What is he doing here? Is he back in town, is Niall back? No he couldn't be, not here.. I started pacing. "oh pull yourself together Abigail. Your happy now. You have Brendan. Even if he's back it's not to see you or anything." I mutter to myself under my breath. I calm down and walk back out into the diner and back to our booth. "All set Abigail?" my mother questions. "yeah, perfect."  I lie. I slide back into the booth. "So as I was saying, the boys will be back in town tomorrow, and I would love to have you over for dinner, for old times sake." Mr. Horan explained. "well that sounds lovely, doesn't it Abigail?" I look up, my mothers eyes are like daggers. "Mhmm" I look back down. "Okay well then I'll see you all tomorrow night, at our house. Nice seeing you all." he says walking away. Well that wasn't what I expected... 
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