Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


12. Spirit Lifter

That girl was Lauren Terry. My long lost best friend. She was just like me. We did everything together. She had been a cancer surviver. One day we got in an argument and we stopped talking for a while. Then I heard that she relapsed. She was all I had. My parents died when I was a small child and she was the only person who knew me. When I tried to visit her, they said she was too sick so it had to be immediate family. Then I moved to Havasu. Small town here in Arizona. But it'll do just fine. Lauren and I were two peas in a pod. Like me and Harry. I dont think I will ever see her though. And if I do, she's probably not where I would like her to be. I had to get out. Do something. All I could think about was that day in the seventh grade. Harry was back in England for a couple weeks working on the new album. I miss him so much. I decided to go to the mall and just do what girls do. I went into Aeropostale and I was looking at a cute crop top when I bumped into a really pretty girl. She looked around my age. Her hair was CURLY! More than Harry's. It reminded me of Lauren's. She used to have short little ringlets. "I'm so sorry" I said helping her pick up her stuff. "It's alright!" she said in a cheery tone. She smiled at me then I realized it. Her dimples. Green eyes. Curly hair. (It sounds like I'm describing a female version of Harry. I know) I just had to see one thing to know for sure. Her birthmark on her leg. I looked at the ground and she was wearing shorts. Then I saw it. "Lauren?" I said with hope. "Sarah!" we hugged for a really long time. "Look at you! You are so beautiful!" I said. "Thank you! You too!" "I've missed you so much!" we exchanged numbers and I left the mall as happy as could be. when I went home, I put Lauren's number in my phone. Suddenly my phone started vibrating like crazy. Seven texts? Geez! I opened the first one. From: Lauren: hey bestie! I have missed you so much! I can't wait to hang out like old times! Love Ya! Aww. I replied with a cute BFF text. Then I opened the next three. They were from Harreh<3. Hey babe I miss you. The next one read: I love you! The last one: I'm gonna be home in two weeks! I replied to him like a girlfriend should. (All mushy mushy) then the other three were from Nialler. Hi Sarah. I'm not doing to good. The other one said: Korbyn and I broke up. Then the last one said: any advice on how t deal? That sucks. She was an okay girl. She was the "good girl" type. Just not my forte, ya know? For the next two weeks Lauren and I caught up on things we never got to do. It was just like old times. Then it was time for Harry to come home! YAY!
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