Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


8. Something Horrible

"You don't have to do that babe." I said sniffs. " but I dont want you to get cold" he held up the blanket. "Or for you to get thirsty" he pointed at the cup of water. "Or for you to get lonely." he sat down next to me. We started to watch tv for a little while, when I started to get a sick feeling. I ran to the bathroom and started to throw up. "HARRY!" I yelled. He came running into the bathroom. "This isn't just a cold. Go to the store! Quick!" he knew what I was talking about. I heard him grab his keys and head out the door. I slowly walked upstairs and laid in my bed. I was so scared. I knew I was pregnant. And hopefully not with Zayn's child. Harry came back and walked upstairs. he handed me the box. I stumbled to the bathroom and sat on the toilet. I did my business on the tester and sat it on the counter. I was too scared to see the results. I walked out of the bathroom and Harry opened his arms. I started to cry and he rubbed my back. He picked up the tester and slowly shook his head. I started to cry harder. "Cmon Sarah. It's gonna be alright okay?" I got out of his grip, and got dressed into some clothes. "Where are you going baby?" "The doctor" he nodded. "I'll drive" he said and grabbed my hand. We got into the car and he drove to the hospital. We arrived. I signed myself in. We waited in the waiting room until they called my name. We walked back into the room, and they looked at Harry. "And who are you?" "I'm her boyfriend." "You are here to find out who the father is right, Mrs. Beams?" I nodded. She shot me a dirty look. "Right this way." she led us to another room and the doctor was already in there. He took some DNA samples and then left to go look at them. "Harry. I'm scared." I said. "It's alright baby. Everything is gonna be alright." the doctor entered the room and I bit my lip. "We need to talk to Sarah alone." the doctor looked at Harry. "No. He is staying." the doctor sighed. "Mrs. Beams. The father of your child is Mr. Styles." I smiled at Harry and he smiled at me. A smile creeped on the doctors face. I got up and jumped into Harry's arms. He spun me around and kissed me. He carried me bridal style to his car and we drove back to my house. Only to see something horrible. My childhood home was up in flames. All of my memories. My parents. My first time. Everything. I quickly got out of the car. Harry tried to stop me but I didn't. I ran into my burning house and grabbed a few things. My phone, some pictures of me and Harry, a picture of my parents, and a few of my moms things. As I got outside the firemen had already arrived. The started to spray the house. I collapsed on the lawn and started to cry. It felt like my whole life had just been washed away. I clutched the things I managed to grab, and walked back to the car. Harry put his hand on my leg. I let the tears fall and hit my skin. He drove to the hotel and we went up into the room. "Harry. Please tell me Zayn isn't here." "He isn't." I let out a sigh of relief. As I walked in I saw everybody sitting on the couch. But then I saw a girl with Niall. I think it was that one girl. Corbin? As I walked in she smiled at me warmly and waved. I let out a small smile but then continued to walk with Harry. We walked to his room and I put my stuff in there. "You know Christmas is coming up soon right?" Harry said trying to lighten the mood. Fuck. Christmas was in four days. My birthday was just on the fifteenth. I just sat there staring at the ground. Harry came beside of me and started kissing my neck. I giggled. "It's gonna be alright. Just can you take a bath with me? I'm having a little situation. I looked down. Yup. That was a situation alright. "Okay." "Go get undressed babe." he smirked at me. "Naughty Harry!"
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