Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


27. Planning It All

After Harry slid the huge rock onto my ring finger, we had dessert and headed back to our flat. The second we unlocked the front door, Louis hopped off the couch to us and inspected my hand. "Wow. I actually thought Harry would pussy out.", Louis said while slinging his arm around Harry's neck. Harry chuckled. "So did I." We told Louis not to tell anyone else the news, that we wanted to do it ourselves. After he hugged us a few times, Harry and I finally escaped to bed. Once we were tucked in each others arms, Harry and I laid there not saying a word, our presence being enough to fill the quietness. I was about to close my eyes when Harry spoke. "Did you look in the inside of your ring?" I quickly pulled my engagement ring off and looked at the inscription inside the ring. "Forever and Always H+S" I looked up at Harry and gave him a kiss. Once we pulled away, Harry looked into my eyes. "I know I have broken promises in the past, but I am sure that I will be keeping this one. I promise that I will be the best husband I can be, and that I will do everything for you and Talia. I love you, Sarah, it has always been you." "I trust you Harry. I love you too." And with that, I snuggled into his chest and fell asleep. I woke up staring at a sleeping head of curls. Harry looked so innocent when he slept, like he was a child. I watched him for a few long moments, taking in his beauty. I can't believe that I am going to marry this man. I lightly kissed his lips, which caused him to stir. When his eyes fluttered open, his gaze landed on me and he grew a smile. "Good morning, fiancé." I giggled. "Good morning to you too." We got dressed and called the rest of the boys over for breakfast. While we waited, Harry and I went into Talia's room to find her just waking up. "Good morning, Princess.", I told her as I tucked a few strands of hair behind her ear. She saw my hand and her eyes went wide. "Momma! Why you have a big ring?" I smiled. "Momma and Daddy are getting married. Would you like to be the flower girl?" Talia perked. "Yep!" I doubt she knew what that was, but anything that has to do with flowers, she loved. I heard a knock at the door, which notified me that the boys were here. Harry beat me to the door, and welcomed Niall, Liam, and Zayn into our flat. He brought everyone into the TV room where Louis was already occupying the couch. Once everyone was seated, Harry began speaking. "Boys, I was wondering if I could have the honor of having you as my groomsmen at my wedding." There was silence as everyone thought about what Harry had said. Once they understood, their gazes flicked from me to Harry. All of the boys got up and congratulated us with a sea of hugs and pats. While eating breakfast, everyone gave ideas for the wedding. "I think it should be catered by Nando's." "I think the groomsmen should all wear pink suits." "I think it should be at Chuck E Cheese's." "I think you should have your honeymoon in Tokyo." I politely declined everyones suggestions. I knew who I was going to ask to help me with the wedding. Lauren. She had the perfect touch for everything, everything she did was fabulous. When the boys left, I quickly called Lauren. After three rings, she picked up. "Hello?" "Hey slut!" "Hi bitch! How are you all?" The boys all exchanged some weird looks. "We are great, actually Harry and I have some news to tell you. Do you think you can come down to London for a little bit?" "Yeah, that will be great! See you in a few hours!" I cleaned our flat and made some hotel reservations for them, and soon enough, she was at our door. Once we told her that we are getting married, we watched their reactions. Lauren gave both me and Harry, surprisingly, a hug and congratulations. "Would you mind helping me plan the wedding? I know how great you are with that kind of stuff." Lauren grew a huge grin that went from ear to ear. "I would love to!" We sat down at the table, discussing the date, food, location, flowers, cake, and all that other nonsense. I was so overwhelmed with everything, but the next thing that Lauren said made the blood drain from my face. "So, have you decided who your bridesmaids are going to be?" Crap. I hadn't thought about that. You see, after I left Havasu to move to London, I never really stayed in touch with my friends and I never made any new ones because I had Harry. "Um, I want you to be my Maid of Honor, but I don't know who should be my bridesmaids. I don't have any other girlfriends.", I said. Lauren tried boosting my memory "Do you have any close co-workers?" I retraced my steps, and could only come up with three girls. "I have a good friend at work named Liliana, I also had two friends back before I moved to London, Danielle and Eleanor." Lauren smiled. "Why don't you give them a call?" Half an hour later, I had asked Liliana, Danielle and Eleanor. It was so awkward asking for forgiveness for forgetting about them, and then asking to be my bridesmaids, but they graciously accepted. After a few more hours of planning, Lauren left for her hotel. We tucked Talia in, who had great interest in my ring, and Harry and I went to bed ourselves. "Goodnight Harry, I love you.", I said as I kissed Harry and knotted our legs together. "I love you more. Good night, future Mrs.Styles." I smiled as I closed my eyes. I could get used to that name.
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