Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


5. Old Habit

I walked into the bedroom because Harry was close to doing it right then and there. That was a mistake. I saw Niall and this girl… shagging. They saw me but didn't stop. They were screaming, "I'm so close!" I ran out of the room and sat on Harry's lap again. "Did you like what you saw?" "NOPE." harry smirked at me. "No. Not right now. You want us to be put on display like them two?" "No. Thats just embarrassing… but come with me." he picked me up. "Um where are we going?" "My bedroom to-" I cut him off. "I'm not having sex with you!" I said it kind of loud so everyone heard me. "Canoodle…" "Oh. Hehe. But please don't ever call it canoodling." he smiled. We walked-or should I say- he walked and carried me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed and sat next to me. He scooped me up in his arms and put me on his lap again. I put my arms around his neck and he put his around my waist. I kissed him on the cheek and he kissed me on my lips. I was smiling into the kiss. He started getting handsy and I pulled away. I kinda got out of his lap too. "What?" "I'm not doing it! No matter how much I want to!" he got up. "Where are you going?" "Check out what Niall fished in." "Oh. Bye. I guess." Harry came and laid on top of me. "I love you, cheek!" "Love you to, cheek." we started calling eachother cheek. He left me sitting there. Alone. The door opened and I thought Harry came back. Nope. It was zayn. He came and sat by me on the bed. He started to get really close, and he started to stroke my cheek. "I know your sad. He's a prick Sarah. You deserve more than him. I may not be much but I know that I have loved you from the start. He only wants you for sex, and I can see it." "Zayn stop." he tried to get on top of me. "Zayn! Stop!" I pushed him and ran out the door. I grabbed my bag and ran out of the apartment. I heard fast footsteps down the hall. "Sarah, Babe? What's wrong?" Harry yelled. I just ignored him and walked to my house. I was so confused. I had NO feelings for Zayn. But what he was saying about Harry? Do I feel that way? My front door opened and someone came in the house. I was so scared. I didn't know what I felt about anything anymore. I rummaged through the trashcan, and found my old friend. My blade. I cut a slit in my wrist and I cried in pain. The footsteps became faster and louder. The bathroom door swung open. Shit. Harry. "Sarah! Nooo! Don't do that to your poor little wrist! Baby why!" I was crying because I had mixed emotions. Harry found out. And I forgot how painful this was. "Answer me Sarah! Why do you cut!" he picked me up and carried me to the master bathroom. "It- It- It- it feels good." I mumbled. "What? How! Baby! Don't do that! I love you, and I don't want you to be hurting yourself." he started to take off my clothes and start the bath. He picked me up, and sat me in the bathtub. "Are you getting in with me?" I asked looking at him, still sniffling. "Anything baby" he got in the bath with me and we just laid there. He started humming 'Gotta Be You' and playing with my hair. I started to slip, so he grabbed my waist and pulled me up. "You ready to get out babe?" I shook my head yes. He got the towel and wrapped me in it. He dried himself off too. After I was fully clothed, I laid in my bed, with Harry as he gave me little love bites.
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