Wide Awake: A Harry Styles Love Story

Sarah has always been the misfit type. Yet nobody knows that her parents died when she was little. She just turned 18. She meets One Direction, has a thrill of a lifetime, and in the end, a massive twist. Some Rated R parts so read at own risk


25. It Was All Worth It

The next morning, my eyes fluttered open to meet the gaze of Harry's green orbs. I realized that we were still cuddled up together- my head nuzzled in the crook of his neck, and his arm wrapped around my body. "Good morning.", He said softly. "How long have you been watching me sleep?" "A while…", Harry said sheepishly. I smirked. "And why, may I ask?" Harry shrugged. "Because your so damn beautiful." I was so startled by what he said. I didn't know how to respond, so I got out of bed and went to the bathroom to get changed. Once I was out of the bathroom, I met Harry, who was only in a pair of sweatpants. Shit he is sexy... I had to keep myself from staring at his abs. They had become much more toned since the last time I had seen them. I guess Harry had noticed my inner-war with myself, because he had a cocky smirk that coated his face. "I don't mean to interrupt you from your drooling session, but the rest of the boys are coming over in a half an hour." I looked at the ground. "I have no idea what you are talking about." Harry chuckled. "Sure you don't." I left him to get changed as I made my way to the kitchen where I found Louis and Talia. Once again, I was spying on a grown man and my daughter, praying that they wouldn't turn around and see me. Louis handed something to Talia. "Try this chocolate, it's yummy. But don't tell mommy!" I walked in right after he said that. "Don't tell mommy what?" Louis quickly hid the wrapper behind his back. "Nothing!" I looked at Talia. "Baby, is Uncle Louis telling you to lie to momma?" Talia obediently nodded her head. I turned back to Louis. "You are such a child.", I said as I playfully messed up his hair. I finished making breakfast- eggs, waffles, bacon, and toast- just as the boys that I have not seen in so long knocked on the door. The moment I opened it, I was drowned in a sea of hugs. "Sarah! It's so great to see you!", Liam said. "Looking as stunning as always.", Zayn said. "Is that food I smell?", Niall said. The boys were introduced to Talia, who they immediately took a liking to (I mean, who wouldn't?). After breakfast, Liam suggested that everyone watch "Toy Story". Niall helped me clear the table while the others made themselves comfy in the TV room. I began washing the dishes while Niall put the leftover food in the fridge. "Thank you Sarah." He said in his thick Irish accent. I turned to look at him. "For what?" "For bringing the old Harry back." I scrunched my eyebrows together, waiting for him to explain. "After you left, Harry was a wreck. Drinking every night, isolating himself from the lads and I. It got pretty bad. We haven't been on tour for so long because we were afraid that we would come to the show drunk. He became much more distant with us, our friendship slowly crumbling. Once you and Talia came back into the picture, he is a whole new person, I mean look at him. He hasn't been up before 2 o'clock in the afternoon in such a long time." I smiled, happy to know that I helped mend their friendship back together. Niall wiggled his eyebrows at me. "So you and Harry are back together?" I shrugged. "No, I really don't know what we are. I just want to do what's best for Talia, and right now it is letting her have a daddy." Niall looked surprised. "Oh, Louis was telling us about how you and Harry were sleeping together…" I chuckled. "Harry insisted that the floor was too uncomfortable." He gave me a weird look. "The floor is the most comfortable thing on this planet. Sometimes I sleep over here just for the floor." Harry is a cheeky flirt. But that's why I love him. The rest of the day, we hung out with the boys until they went home. After dinner, I gathered our things and called Talia to the door. "Talia, say goodbye to Daddy and Uncle Louis. We are going home now." Talia's smile turned into a frown. "I don wanna say bye-bye. I wanna stay!" Harry picked Talia up and kissed her on the cheek. "It's okay, baby. I will see you soon." Talia began to cry. "I wanna be wiff Momma AND Daddy!" I felt so bad for Talia, I didn't want her to be in the situation she was in. "I'm sorry Sweetie, but we have to go home." Talia's fat tears stained Harry's shirt. "Dis is home! Momma, Daddy, Uncle Louieeey, and me!" Louis walked towards us, with an sneaky look on his face. "Sarah, why don't you and Talia move in?" Talia and Harry looked up, both liking the idea very much. "I don't know… what about my flat?" "I have a real estate agent on speed dial.", Louis said, a bit too quickly. I eyed Louis, he was very suspicious. "You planned this, didn't you?" He slapped on an innocent face. "Maybe…." I finally gave in, and Louis started making phone calls to the real estate agent, the moving company, and the pizza man. The next day, Louis watched Talia while Harry and I went to my flat to pack everything up. I started on the kitchen while Harry did my room. A half an hour later, I decided to check on Harry because I didn't hear movement in my bedroom. I walked in and saw him sitting on the floor, going through my box of pictures. He was chuckling at one until he noticed me and looked up, guilty plastered all over him. "I was just… erm…", Harry said while thinking up and excuse. "Looking through my stuff?", I said with a smirk as I joined him on the floor. The current picture he was holding was of me and him at the river back in Havasu. Harry looked at me. "You kept all of these?" I nodded. "I couldn't let them go." I looked at the ground, pretending not to notice Harry staring at me. I finally looked up, but his gaze remained. "What?" "I just… missed you so much. I missed us." I studied Harry's face. It was breathtaking. His green eyes, his dimples, his curls, his flawless skin. He was just so… perfect. I didn't know how to respond, so I lightly kissed his lips and stood up. "Are you going to help me pack up or not?" Once everything was moved into Harry and Louis' flat, we took the whole day to unpack. Talia took over the guest room, and it was assumed that Harry and I would share the couch. All day, I was thinking about when I kissed Harry. I had no idea as to what it meant, or why I did it, but I am glad I did. I don't know what Harry and I's relationship status is, but right now, I'm fine with it. I am just taking it one day at a time. After dinner, I took a shower in the bathroom connected to Harry's room while Harry and Louis played Twister with Talia. I hadn't unpacked my clothes yet, and I didn't feel like digging through the boxes to find something to wear, so I went to the drawers to get something of Harry's. I pulled open the first drawer I saw and looked inside. I got out a pair of sweatpants and a T-shirt and put it on. I was about to close the drawer when I noticed an envelope at the bottom. Being the curious girl I am, I picked it up and opened it. I found two letters, both written by me. They were wrinkled and worn- as if someone read them over and over- and the writing was smudged by tear stains. There was one last thing in the envelope. It was a black and white photograph of Talia when she was only a little fetus. I flipped over the picture, and there was a little note scribbled in Harry's handwriting. "My baby. I messed up, and I regret it." I felt my throat clench up, tears were about to overflow out of my eyes, until the bedroom door opened. I quickly put everything back into the drawer and looked up to see Harry, who had caught me red-handed. He walked over to me, seeing the tears that leaked down my face. He swiped them off my cheek with his thumb, embracing me in a hug."I'm sorry, Sarah, for all the pain I have put you through." I shook my head against his chest. "It was all worth it."
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